The success of the Portuguese actor Ricardo Pereira in Brazil

Portuguese actor, Ricardo Pereira became an idol in Brazil, where he has been an accomplished Star for the past 16 years.

Ricardo Pereira. (Photo: personal archive)

The start of his career occurred in Portugal, 20 years ago, during his debut in the play “Real Caçada ao Sol”, by Peter Shaffer. He then did some work for Portuguese TV and shortly after accepting an invitation from TV Globo to be the protagonist of the soap opera “Como uma Onda”, he moved to Brazil to pursue his acting career. Since then, Ricardo has been participating in several soap operas and films in the country and has been conquering the public with his talent, his beauty, and his remarkable way of being. Now, the actor merges work in both countries, other parts of Europe, in Hispanic countries and also in Canada.

At just 40-years old, the actor is one of the most sought after by TV Globo and has acted in this broadcaster’s established broadcasts, as always strong and powerful characters. One of them was Tolentino, from “Liberdade, Liberdade”, which character role according to Ricardo, represented a milestone in his career. Recently, another successful role played by him was the controversial Almeida, in the remake of the soap opera “Éramos Seis”.

The actor was also the protagonist of “Mar Salgado”, a novel co-produced between the Portuguese broadcaster SIC and TV Globo, and awarded the bronze medal at the New York Festival Television & Film Awards, in the United States, in 2016.

In cinema, Ricardo has also been leaving his mark, as he has worked in major productions. This year, three more feature films will be released with the participation of the actor. They are: “Close-up She Is Not Normal”, “To Our Children” and the Portuguese “Golpe de Sol”.

In his personal life, Ricardo Pereira demonstrates being happy and fulfilled. In love with Brazil, he and his wife, Portuguese art dealer Francisca Pinto – with whom the actor has been married for 10 years – decided to have their three children in the country, where they live in perfect harmony.

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Check out the interview that the actor gave to Brazilian Wave Magazine.

Brazilian Wave – How did the opportunity to work in Brazil come about? Did you face any difficulties?

Ricardo Pereira – I worked for the first time in Brazil in 2004, when I was the protagonist of the soap opera “Como Uma Onda” and played Daniel Cascais. It was a very cool and bold invitation, because it was the first time that Globo was having a foreign protagonist. The soap opera was very successful. I was already an actor in Portugal, and in Brazil it was the beginning of a beautiful and spectacular journey, which is already turning 16 years old. In fact, I was very well received by my colleagues and everyone who worked with me. And, even today, I am treated with great affection. I was also very well received by the Brazilian population, and it was very important for me to make Brazil my home.

Brazilian Wave – Do you like living in Brazil? What do you like most about the country?

Ricardo Pereira – I love living in Brazil! My wife and I are Portuguese, but our three children are Brazilian, so we feel at home and love the country, the beauty it has, the population, and all that magic. It is a very large and diverse country. As much as you continue to visit different places, there is always something new to see. I really like this nature, this side that always seems to be renewing itself every day. Brazil is a place that makes me younger because it seems that the days are bigger and that we enjoy life more.

Brazilian Wave – What is your opinion about the importance of the Portuguese in Brazil?

Ricardo Pereira – I think that Portugal and Brazil are very important to each other. They are two sister countries, on two different continents and have a lot to gain if they walk together – not only in my cultural area. And this has always been very much alive, both Portuguese culture arriving in Brazil, and Brazilian culture arriving in Portugal. However, it is more than that, as there are always many Portuguese living in Brazil, many Brazilians living in Portugal. So, there is reciprocal importance, on both sides, something very important for the evolution, for the progress and for the future of the two countries.

Brazilian Wave – Is it easier to be successful in Portugal or Brazil? What are the differences?

Ricardo Pereira -I think this is not a simple and easy issue, because in fact, being successful in any profession requires work, dedication, and a lot of love for what you do. I think the fact that Brazil and Portugal are brothers opens up a range of opportunities for people to experience the same profession in both countries, to evolve, to live in different territories, on two different continents, to have new experiences and to evolve not only professionally, but as a human being. And this is what I think is even more valuable.

Brazilian Wave – Does the fan harassment bother you? Has there ever been a situation where a fan crossed the line?

Ricardo Pereira – I love and venerate this affection from the public! I think the relationship with all the fans and the people who like my work is super important. Without a doubt, the artist works for the public and, therefore, does not live without him. I like to be recognized for my work, I like the public to talk about it, because that is a stimulus. Even when I have a job in the air, it is very cool to know what people are thinking, and it can even make me think how I am telling this story and how I can tell it going forward. All my contacts to date have been wonderful, because I love receiving this affection and I need it and I live for it. In fact, I am a man who comes from the theater, so I was always very used to the direct affection of the audience, to his immediate reaction. So, it is important to receive hugs, take photos, and know the fans’ point of view. I always want the public to talk to me and express what they think, both of the work I am doing and the work I have already done.

Brazilian Wave – How do you reconcile work in Portugal and Brazil?

Ricardo Pereira – My agenda is very complex, as it does not happen only between Brazil and Portugal, but also in countries like Spain, France, Holland, countries in the Hispanic market, and others. So, I think that the globalized world allows this career management, and that in my case is very organized by all the people who work with me, my entrepreneurs. So, I travel all over the world, I go to film festivals and I have been invited to work in every corner of the planet. And that makes me very happy, because I want to take art to as many places as possible, and also learn from people in these places. In Canada, I even went to present films at the Toronto International Film Festival. So, it is very special that I have this possibility to move around the world, doing what I love, which is acting.

Brazilian Wave – What was the most difficult role of your career? And which character did you like to play the most and gave you the most satisfaction?

Ricardo Pereira – The last roles we play always end up being the most difficult. I think you have to evolve from character to character, because then you have more knowledge of your performance, more experience for all the years of work, and more knowledge of yourself. And that’s important to the characters you’re playing. But, among so many that were noteworthy, I talk about Tolentino, from “Liberdade, Liberdade”, a long duration TV Globo series of the era. This character was very dense, demanding, and lived in a historical period in Brazil. I can even say that, perhaps, he was a game-changer in my career.

Brazilian Wave – What are your idols in Brazil, Portugal and the world??

Ricardo Pereira – I have several idols, there are many actors and actresses that I like in Portugal and Brazil. For example, I really like Ruy de Carvalho, who is a Portuguese actor who is in his nineties, with whom I worked during my debut in the theater. In Brazil, I have several references, like “Fernadona”, Fernanda Montenegro, an actress that I have a lot of admiration for. But, there are many others from several generations with whom I feel an affinity and pleasure to watch and work. In the world, I like Daniel Day-Lewis, Cate Blanchett and so many others. So, I think it’s fantastic when our references and our idols become our friends. In addition, I also admire several authors, directors, and writers.

Brazilian Wave – What are your next projects?

Ricardo Pereira – I have a new project for TV which would be starting now in August, but because of this situation that we are going through in the world, it will most likely be postponed. I am going to premiere three films, the Brazilian “De Perto Ela Não é Normal” and “Aos Nosso Filhos”, and the Portuguese “Golpe de Sol”. Both are expected to debut later this year. I am also reading theater texts, because I want to produce a play. I like to go back to the theater every two years, so I’m putting this project together too. And yet, I have two more cinema projects that are already in the pre-production phase.