Motivation is my name

Crônica: Motivation is my name

I really need to go to the dentist. It has to be! The new braces seem to be loose, needing urgent adjustments. Day of the appointment, relieved and happy, I take a nice shower. I do all those hair-styling procedures and put on some sort of elegant clothes, something easy to wash and dry. A little perfume on the wrists, to brighten the day, and that’s it. I’m very excited to go out!

As I foresee the breeze outside, I put on my most beautiful mask, with a design full of flowers, a very spring look. I put on my glasses to check the money and I know I shouldn’t touch the mask. Damn it! There was that itchy nose and… it didn’t work! And there goes my yellowish mask to the bottom of the box. It will be immersed in soap water. Let’s move on. Unforeseen events happen.

I have to look for another clean mask, that matches my blue shirt, and to count the money to the bus. It is important to wash my hands carefully after touching the bills and coins. I have to look in the bag, again, and make sure there is a bottle of alcohol gel. I laugh at myself, with a certain benevolence, and take a deep breath to try to gain concentration.

I go out to the front yard to change my shoes and, attracted by such a pleasant sun, I walk on the soft grass with my sleepers. Damn it! I was overcome by that desire to warm up a little and … it didn’t work! Hence, I curse half of the neighborhood, because I used the sleepers, shoes for inside the house … outside the house.

And there I go, placing my sleepers in a bucket with bleach solution. I don’t want any bit of a virus walking around the house! I go back to the bathroom to wash my hands and, in front of the mirror, I calm down. Unforeseen events happen. But time goes by fast and the hour is short. I have to run to the dentist.

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I go back again to the front year and put on my street shoes. Check in the bag, if I have the keys and my documents. I apply a new layer of alcohol gel to my already dry hands and throw myself with shine and energy into today’s consumer dream. Let’s win the street !!!

And here I go, cheerful and easy-going, I advance in large steps, hopping on the avenue, excited about going to the dentist and dreaming … with the wire changes, with the tightening of the screws and with the twists on my teeth. Hahaha… motivation is the name!