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Our mission

Brazilian Wave is a pioneering publication in its field of publishing. Its mission is to strengthen the Brazil-Canada cultural link and connect the Brazilian community in the country, whether immigrants, students, residents or tourists.

For more than 15 years we have maintained our commitment with dedication and zeal both for the quality of our editorial content and for our visual presentation.


Founded in 2001, the magazine began with a pocket format and content only in Portuguese. Our first bilingual edition (Portuguese-English) was published in 2003 and, from then on, we offer both the Brazilian and Canadian readers a comprehensive and quality editorial content.

Brazilian Wave is the result of a strong and cohesive team work. We work with respect, ethics, seriousness and integrity.

We are a small group, but the dedication and commitment of each one makes us able to “draw milk from stone”.

We are now betting and investing in multiplatform format, which will allow us to interact much more with you, reader.

To our readers, subscribers, advertisers and online subscribers, our THANK YOU for the support. Together, we are strengthening our Brazilian community in Canada.

Brazilian Wave Team

Editorial board
Arhur Vianna
Christian Pedersen
Marta Almeida
Maya Gasparoto
Regina Filippov
Teresa Botelho

Online Editor & Social Media
Christian Pedersen

Online Assistant
Dolores Gontijo

Art Direction & Design
Teresa Botelho
Creative Team Canada

Development and Technical Support (IT) Web / App
Andrea Amado

Copy Editor (English)
Julie Berridge

Luciana Dumphreys

Edmonton: Antoine Crerar
Calgary: Sheriane Glória
Toronto: Regina Filippov
Vancouver: Milena G. Andrade
NATIONAL: Regina Filippov

Executive Directors and Founders
Teresa Baker Botelho
Regina Filippov