Accreditation for the Rio Media Center is open

Accreditation is open until April 29 for the Rio Media Center, which will receive press members during the 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

A partnership between the Federal Government and the city government of Rio de Janeiro, the Media Center will assist journalists from around the world, accredited or not by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) by providing work facilities, up-to-date information and a diversified agenda of events. To accredit for use of the center, please visit

The Rio Media Center is the reference center for those accredited or not by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to cover the Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Rio MediaA 2,700m2 building, the Rio Media Center will offer the necessary structure to ease the work of Brazilian and foreign journalists, including desk space with cable and hi-speed Wi-Fi Internet, satellite signal for live broadcasting and radio & TV studios. The venue will be open 24/7, is fully accessible and will host up to 600 professionals simultaneously. The center will have a multi-functional auditorium with capacity for up to 300 people, two TV studios and six radio studios; bilingual assistants will help with the journalistic requests. The studios will be free of charge, with use subject to prior schedule request.

Those with credentials for the Rio Media Center will have access to a vast journalistic and cult
ural program. The venue will host press conferences with authorities and athletes, operational briefings, presentations and workshops, movie sessions, cultural events and press tours. The RMC will also offer free, exclusive standup locations in touristic spots around the city, with use subject to prior schedule request.

There will be around 15 press areas scattered in strategic regions, offering iconic images and the Games as a background for live broadcasting.

A Rio City Hall initiative in partnership with the Federal Government, the RMC will be at the Olympic Pavilion, by the City Hall buildings and the Rio 2016 Committee headquarters, in Cidade Nova. The location is centric and strategic, less than 200 meters from the Cidade Nova (line 2) and Estácio (line 1) subway stations – offering connection to the rail system and, in the future, to the LRT. Additionally, the RMC is also close to several bus stops of lines coming from any spot in the city, and about 400 meters from the Rio Operation Center (COR).

Accreditation ends on April 29.

To request accreditation for the media center, please visit

Remember that the first step is to register in the Rio Media Center website, to then enter the accreditation environment. If you have not completed any of the two steps, please take a moment now to register and request accreditation. Registration also allows access
to all content generated by the City Government of Rio about the 2016 Games, including text, photo and video feeds.

For more information:
[email protected]