Alexandre Franco

Communication and sports in the blood and in the soul.

Alexandre FrancoBorn in Mozambique while still a Portuguese province, Alexandre Franco always says with great pride that he is Portuguese, but not from the Azores, nor Madeira, nor the Continent. He began his career in journalism in Lourenço Marques, known as Maputo today.

A trajectory marked by new beginnings in Portugal and here in Canada, where today he heads the newspaper Milénio Stadium.

The beginning

With a career of nearly 45 years,  it all started with a joke. “It was one of the most beautiful things,” says Alexander. After recording the narration of a soccer game for friends, he was encouraged to invest in radio announcing and so he did. He was selected from hundreds of applicants for the Radio Club of Mozambique.

From there, he went through several newspapers and radio stations in Portugal and also in the major Portuguese language media companies  in Montreal and Toronto, including the Radio Club of Montreal, the Portuguese Radio Club of Toronto, CIRV-FM, FPtv and OMNI-TV.

In 1990, he created the Jornal Stadium, which became the sports supplement to Milénio, a publication that he directs and to which is fully dedicated today, “with much pleasure”, emphasizes the journalist.

Passion for sports

In these nearly five decades in the profession, Alexandre highlights coverage of major sporting events. Sports was indeed a natural option. “I was born into sports, started in sports journalism and then everything happened naturally,” says Alexandre Franco who, in addition to being a journalist, was also an athlete and basketball coach. But as a complete professional, he accumulates work in all areas and unforgettable interviews, such as the ones he did with the President of Portugal – Cavaco Silva, Pelé, Eusébio, Amália Rodrigues, actor Antonio Banderas, the then Prime Minister Brian Mulroney and the great South African leader, Nelson Mandela.

Peter Ferreira, especialista em imigração, e o jornalista Alexandre Franco
Peter Ferreira, expert in immigration, with Alexandre Franco

Local communication

With the authority of someone who knows, as few do, the media directed towards the Portuguese-speaking community, Alexandre Franco laments that there is some lack of professionalism in the industry, because often what prevails is the thought that everyone is self-sufficient, which he considers wrong: ” The truth is that this has been happening since the dawn of Luso-Canadian media,” he says. Thus, Alexander hopes that journalists working in the community will develop a better understanding of their missions.

Translated by Loretta Murphy