Business Marketing


An essential tool for any business.

The entrepreneur Angela Mesquita is one of the pioneers in corporate marketing in the Portuguese community.

By Marta Almeida | Translated by Loretta Murphy

When it comes to marketing, there is no escaping the old cliché: advertising is the lifeblood of any business. Newspapers, magazines, TV, radio, internet, corporate gifts, “out of home” media (billboards, monitors etc.) –  there is a wide range of options to promote products and services. If you have a corporate vision, you don’t see marketing as an expense but as an investment. Depending on your media plan, the returns can be immediate, but usually marketing takes time and persistence to build your company’s image.

From Canada to the World

In the Portuguese language community, some entrepreneurs understand this concept perfectly. Such is the case of Arnon Melo, of MELLOHAWK Logistics, a freight forwarding services company established 11 years ago. “We invest in various marketing media for the company and I think it really is an investment. It is a gradual thing and everything that we have invested so far has brought us a return,” says Melo.

The company, which has 11 employees, operates in 85 countries and deals with commercial cargoes and moves mainly to Brazil. Arnon and Canadian partner Peter Hawkins are well known in the Brazilian community because in addition to their ads, their marketing strategy includes sponsorship and participation in social or business events.  “At first, we could not participate in certain events because we didn’t have the money, but when we started to grow, we decided it was important for people to know what the company does, which is constant and growing with news, new employees, new destinations, new services in Canada, and it’s marketing that brings all this information to the public.”

Pioneering in media

In the Brazilian business community in Toronto, Brasil Remittance is undoubtedly another example of a company with well-defined marketing strategies. In business since 1993, the money transfer agency allocates 1% of the monthly budget to marketing, including advertising and corporate gifts.

“This contact with the public is amazing because everywhere a person goes, they advertise for us. Three years ago, for example, we distributed winter toques and recently, I was on Facebook and I saw the Brasil Remittance logo there in Alberta. Some people went there with our toque on their head!” says entrepreneur Angela Mesquita. But she explains that other tools must not be forgotten.  “I think it’s important, yes, because not only in my type of business, but in any business, one has to make themselves known. Their name should be in every corner – in newspapers, magazines, internet. It’s about advertising in one form or another, about showing off your company. “