Copacabana’s new Olympic rings

Photo: Rio 2016/Daniel Ramalho

Copacabana beach, one of Rio de Janeiro’s most celebrated locations and site of several Rio 2016 Olympic Games venues, today welcomed a striking symbol of the host city’s commitment to sustainability: a representation of the iconic Olympic rings made of recycled plastic bottles.

The three-metre high, six-metre wide sculpture will adorn the sands of Copacabana from now until the end of the Games, celebrating Rio’s role as host of the world’s largest sporting event.

The Olympic rings artwork was designed by Elisa Brasil using a recycling technique to shred, heat and press the plastic. Overall, 65kg of recycled material was used in the sculpture, and 20 people took part in the production process.

The piece was commissioned by the city government, with the intention of using creativity and the positive impact of the Olympic Games to foster awareness of human impact on the natural world.

Source: Rio 2016