Dr. Ivo Pitanguy dead at 93

Pitanguy morreu um dia após carregar tocha olímpica
Dr. Ivo Pitanguy carried the Olympic torch in Rio de Janeiro on Friday.

Dr. Ivo Pitanguy, a pioneering Brazilian plastic surgeon who performed face lifts, tummy tucks and other procedures on the rich, famous and royal, becoming rich, famous and celebrated in his own right, died on Saturday at his home in Rio de Janeiro. He was 93.

On the day before his death, Dr. Pitanguy, seated in a wheelchair, carried the Olympic torch in Rio during a relay to light the flame for the opening ceremony of the Games.

Before reality television shows like “Extreme Makeover” turned vanity medicine into entertainment, before glossy magazines and blogs began opining on the surgically altered looks of celebrities, and decades before Botox came into use as a verb, Dr. Pitanguy established himself as one of the world’s most famous plastic surgeons. He attained that status as much through his marketing savvy as through his surgical skills.