Eduardo Jansen

The architecture and nature of poetry.

Eduardo Jansen, born Brazilian in João Pessoa, from parents of a diverse and mixed backgrounds just like all the rest of the Brazilian people (with Iberian-Jewish roots from his mother and of a Dutch background through his father’s ancestors), has lived in Canada for 20 years.

A teacher of French literature and language as well as Drama, Eduardo started writing from a very young age and he still does it especially in his mother tongue. After finishing his University degrees in Montréal, he moved back to Toronto, the city through which he arrived in this country.

His own literature, in prose or verse, has deserved recognition and some important prizes. In 1986 his poem Palácio das Auroras gave him a prize and mention d’honneur in a Brazilian national literary contest. The poem has been presented and offered with an anthology during an official ceremony to then Senate president Ulysses Guimarães and president of the Republic José Sarney at Palácio do Planalto. Presented as poetic prose, the poem A Minha Avó que Fazia Nuvens has been studied and analyzed beside a poem from Fernando Pessoa in the written admission examination of the well known Escola Técnica Professor Everardo Passos in São José dos Campos, city in which the author has grown up and spent part of his adolescence before moving to Canada. Praising this very poem, the literary critique has declared that it “reminds restless Maiakóvski’s delicate poetry in A nuvem de calças”.

The poet’s great interest for art and especially photography made him idealize a project which combines some of his images and poems. Taking inspiration in Art Déco elements, façades and buildings in Brazil, the exuberant Brazilian nature and his poems filled with lyricism and metaphysical questions, Eduardo Jansen plans to organize a show of part of his artistic production in Toronto in June 2010. Not to be missed.

The author’s contact: [email protected]