Film festival wants to hook you up with Brazil


6th BRAFFTV – Brazilian Film & TV Festival of Toronto happens from October 11 to 14.

At the Opening Gala (11/10/2012), to be held at The Bloor Hot Docs Cinema, the film Xingu, produced by Fernando Meirelles and directed by Cao Hamburger describes the journey taken by the Villas-Boas brothers to create the first and largest Indian Reservation in Brazil.

The Film Raul (14/10/2012) by Walter Carvalho shows the journey of the polemic singer Raul Seixas, known for inducting Brazilian Rock.

47 presenting films, highlight to “Two Rabbits” (Dois Coelhos) earned the director Afonso Poyart invitations to film in Hollywood.“The Clown” (O Palhaço), directed and starred by Selton Mello, chosen to represent Brasil at the Oscar 2012.New this year in the Festival is the Children’s Films category with movies such as Alice Gomes’ short , “Coloured Pencils” and the feature “An Extremely Nutty Teacher” by Andre Alves Pinto and Cesar Rodrigues. The Nutty Teacher features the last appearance of Chico Anísio, one of the greatest humorists since the fifties, who passed away earlier this year.

The 270 films submitted to the Festival demonstrate that Brazilian cinematographers  recognize  the public of Toronto and the various cultural communities that it hosts as an important and valuable audience.

The festival’s curator, Hudson Moura – PhD in Cinema from the University of Montreal and post doctorate in Intercultural Films from Simon Fraser, Vancouver, BC –  continues to raise the bar by selecting movies that portray a Brazil that no one else has seen.

Golden Maple Award

Thirty-six selected films, produced over the past two years by the Brazilian audiovisual industry, are competing in the following categories: Best Film, Director, Actor/Actress and Audience Choice in the feature, medium length and short films as well as an award for Best Documentary. The jury comprises Canadian audiovisual professionals, among which are George Ayub, circuit film distributor, and Diana Sanchez, international programmer for TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival) for Latin America, Spain, and Portugal.

The Festival organizers, Bárbara de la Fuente – Southern Mirrors (CA) and Cecília Queiroz – Puente (BR) – believe that cinema is a vehicle for the propagation of Brazilian culture, bringing nations closer together and awakening the audience’s curiosity for unfamiliar stories and destinations. From Acre to Rio Grande do Sul, from Pernambuco to Mato Grosso, Brazil has been documented in stories that deserve to be shared.

Special Screenings

  • 4th annual Upto3’ program: Short films of 3 minutes of less;
  •  2nd annual Brah-zoo-kah program: Films produced by Brazilians living abroad;
  •  Brazil Through Other Eyes: Brazil seen from the perspective of international filmmakers.

All films have English Subtitle

When:             October 11 to October 14, 2012


  • The Bloor Hot Docs Cinema (October 11, 2012)
  • Carlton Cinema (October 12-14, 2012)

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