Finally positive views on the Rio 2016

Credit: Gabriel Heusi
Credit: Gabriel Heusi

In the months leading up to this summer’s Olympics, Rio de Janeiro has been battered by waves of embarrassments and crises. Crime spiked and an economic crisis pushed thousands out of work. The waterways stayed polluted. A mosquito-borne virus became the world’s new health scare. A body part washed up near a venue.

In the midst of so many crises and negative criticism of the Rio Games, the respected Wall Street Journal published an article on the five things that are working well for this international event: 1) Despite some setbacks, the venues are ready; 2) Many stars will be there; 3) A new downtown; 4) Public transportation works; 5) The city is more beautiful than ever.

Read the story in full (in English) on the WSJ site: An Optimist’s Guide to the Rio Olympics