Former Mayor of Hamilton receives a title of Rio


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The former Mayor of the City of Hamilton and Canadian Citizenship Judge, The Honourable Robert Maxwell Morrow was recognized with the Honorary Title of Citizen of Rio de Janeiro at a private ceremony and reception at Hamilton City Hall on Saturday, November 4, 2017.

Rosemary Baptista at the ceremony with Morrow

Morrow has also received a knighthood from Italy and Poland and the Queen’s Jubilee medal.

Former Deputy City Councillor Jimmy Sandro Pereira De Souza, President of the Brazilian Political Party PRTB Brazilian Labour Renewal Party and Ricardo Machado Tavares, president of the Service Association Ong Serpema, and National Neighbourhood Associations are amongst the dignitaries from Rio de Janeiro presented Mr. Morrow with the Honorary title.

The former mayor has been recognized for being a key role and supporting the Portuguese-speaking community in Hamilton culture festival Lusofest, where more than $10,000 was raised through a cookbook authored by Brazilian born and native of Rio de Janeiro, Rosemary Baptista to create a scholarship for Portuguese-speaking students.

Also in attendance was the Mayor of Hamilton, Fred Eisenberger, and his wife Diane; Aidan Thompson, BCL, LLB, BA, MA Councillor, Ward 1; David Christopherson, Member of Parliament NDP; and Manuel Bastos, LIUNA representing Local 607.

Thanks to Rosemary Baptista.