Frosh week!

Student Orientation Week.


By Sofia Matulis

Last year, I experienced my first frosh week when I went to York University. It was an amazing experience as well as… But hold on a second! What is frosh week? Frosh Week or Student Orientation Week is a series of events which happen at the beginning of the academic year at a university, to help integrate and welcome first year students.

During the week, the students participate in a variety of activities such as a football game, boat cruise, downtown tour, quad parties, and a day at Wasaga beach among many others. The main goal is to integrate the freshmen and introduce them to the student life

This year I attended Frosh week again, but because I am a sophomore student, I was a frosh boss this year helping with the organization of the events and integration of the froshies. It is an amazing experience as you get to meet lots of new people who come from the most different places in Canada and even worldwide.

Frosh Week in Toronto is a dry frosh which means that all activities are alcohol-free. This is because in Ontario, the legal drinking age is nineteen years old and many frosh are coming directly from High School and are still eighteen or even seventeen.

With the mixture of cheers and many high-energetic events, new students are warmly introduced and welcomed to this new and important phase of their lives.