Ivete Sangalo


The phenomenon of Brazilian music.

By Sacha Vaz

She’s the winner of the Latin Grammy for “Best Brazilian Roots and Regional Music Album”, the winner of several Multishow awards and she has sold more than 12 million albums sold worldwide. Who? the most popular singer in Brazil, Ivete Sangalo, and she will be the main attraction at the second Brazilian Day Canada, to be held in Toronto on September 6, at Yonge-Dundas Square.

Charismatic and full of energy, her shows express the explosive vibration of the Bahian singer with a carefully crafted presentation that includes a 12-musician band, dancers and fancy costumes. Recently, Ivete participated in the Brazilian tour of the American singer Beyonce.

International star of Brazilian music, Ivete is preparing to record a DVD in the largest arena in the world, Madison Square Garden in New York, days before her performance in Toronto. Wave spoke with Ivete and discovered that she is preparing for us a show with only her biggest hits. In addition, she promised to make all Brazilians appease their longing for the homeland!

 Canada is a country very much deprived of Brazilian events and the public here is in love with you! What can the Brazilians expect from your show at the Brazilian Day Canada?
Ivete – They can expect a singer eager to entertain them and aware of her role in lessening their homesickness.

 You’ll be the first Brazilian artist to record a DVD in the world’s most famous arena, Madison Square Garden. Several fans in Toronto will travel to NY just to attend your show! How are the preparations for this big event?
Ivete – Preparations are a mile a minute! Tests, proofs of costumes, a bit of everything!


What are your musical inspirations? Which are the last records you bought recently?
Ivete – My biggest inspiration is Bahia. Whatever comes from Bahia inspires me, music, performance, and aesthetics. Some artists also stimulate me, like Stevie Wonder, Gilberto Gil and Carlinhos Brown. I cannot point out or identify clearly their influences in my work, but I feel that, somehow, what I do today is the consequence of the sum of all these influences.

 Your interaction with fans on the Internet is admirable. You asked for help from some of your fans on Twitter to prepare the setlist for NY. Did you consider doing the same for the Brazilian Day Canada?
Ivete – In a way this included the fans in Canada. So I it already serves as a direction.

 Show at Rock in Rio Lisboa, DVD recording in MSG, sold out shows in Brazilian stadiums. What will your next step be? Is there some specific place in which you would like to perform?
Ivete – For an artist the word “stagnate” does not exist. I like to go back to places I’ve been. It makes me walk a straight line of pleasure and profession. I want to be around, always bringing joy and music wherever I go. This will always be my main project!