Life of a Vlogger

The Success of Daily Life that Creates Online Fame.

by Flávia Berredo de Menezes

The comforts of home have given wings to the imagination of vloggers, internet users who periodically post videos directly on their web pages, without the need to download a file or the need to star in several subjects in order to gain an audience. Many times the blogger gains financial independence thanks to the content produced for online outlets (mainly YouTube), such is the case of Maria Betânia Tenório Galindo, better known as Maria Bethany. From Pernambuco, this 19 year old lives in Calgary and has had much success with over 230 thousand followers broaching subjects that involve beauty, fashion and lifestyle.

About the importance of a blogger to their followers, Maria states, “I make videos that make me feel good, a positive perception of life. This way, when someone who watches my videos says that it made them feel better, I feel that my message came across well”. Dedicated to posting two videos per week since June of 2013 for her fans, this young lady has had over 3,200,000 viewers and is always ready to answer, “It seems like a fairy tale that 120 thousand people take time out of their day to follow me and watch my videos. It does not seem real. I am grateful for their support even though they do not know me well, they are already interested in my channel”.

YouTube is one of the three most visited websites on the internet. As this is a high traffic area for vloggers, YouTube became a platform for these people to present their personal videos. For Maria the idea to post videos on the site came from a friend who has had an online channel longer than she has. “It was this friend who gave me tips on how to produce content and share my ideas with the public. Slowly, I started to develop my own production style and accumulate my own fan base”.

With the intent to expand on the subjects broached in her videos and include productions such as mini documentaries, leisure travel, and comedy skits, this vlogger has a favourite video: “certainly, my comedic sketch ‘Middle School vs. High School You’ which I filmed with my friends and was a lot of fun. It was also one of the videos that I spent the most amount of time editing. The video was very successful. Even before I posted it, I knew it would be well received by the public. I am very proud of this video”.

For those who wish to start a vlog, Maria’s tips are “Be yourself, be original and keep your eyes open to the positive side of life, and don’t forget to include God in the process”.

Maria Bethany on YouTube:


Photo credit: Instagram @mariiia_g