Metaphors of the Brazilian Rainforest: The Engravings of Emilio Boschilia


Brazilian artist brings the rainforest to Toronto

Canadians have limited opportunities to encounter Brazilian culture and an exhibition such as this. The “Metaphors of the Brazilian Rainforest” showing will be a rare opportunity to meet a Brazilian artist, to see his work, and to discuss the influences that have helped form his artistic vision. Emilio Boschilia creates an image of Diversity that captures the rich complexity of the rainforest and provides the key elements of the exhibit – Man as an integrated part of Nature. Immerse yourself in the allegorical rainforest of this self-taught Brazilian artist.

Boschilia learned his art by carefully observing nature, then creating a unique style based on its rich diversity and seductive curves. His engravings present a profusion of birds, animals, plants and indigenous peoples, reflecting the struggle for survival that is taking place throughout the world’s rainforests. Each of his pieces has been executed manually with infinite patience, preserving the disappearing art of carving directly on the engraving base before making prints manually from the inked elastomer.

The central image, Diversity, beckons you to enter the forest. Once inside you are confronted with a magical world of forest nymphs, fantastical birds, animals and humans. You will even encounter penguins in the middle of this forest, reflecting the artist’s humour on the one hand, but also an allusion to the dramatic impact of climate change on the world’s forests.

People appear in his art as mystical beings – fully immersed in Nature, yet somehow expressing the same vulnerability as the rainforest. The images the artist depicts through his inner eye may someday no longer be there in any form:

“A frequent theme of my art is the exuberance of nature in Brazil and
the increasing threat to indigenous lands and culture, as deforestation
and commercial agriculture advance across the Amazon.”

This exhibit will take place at the Peach Gallery, a Toronto-based space with the mission to present the public with a unique and lively mix of local and international artists that are established and emerging. For more information contact Peach Gallery ([email protected]) or Lloyd Strachan ([email protected])

Where:Peach Gallery, Suite 300, 722 College Street, Toronto
When:September 10-15, 2015
Exhibit hours:11.00am to 6.00pm daily