Sixteen and legally able to drive?

Getting your driver’s license is one of the most important things you will ever do as a teenager.

By Sofia Matulis

Did you just read teenager? Yes! Here in Canada you can get your driver’s license when you are sixteen years old! Much different from Brazil! Actually the whole process is very distinct. When you turn sixteen years old, here in Canada you are eligible to do the written test and get your G1.

To get your G1, you need to do an eye test and answer about twenty questions involving traffic signs and rules. If you get 80% correct, you pass! This means that you can only get four answers wrong. As soon as I arrived in Toronto, I started studying for the test. I wanted to have my driver’s license as I was only seventeen years old. I wanted to show my Brazilian friends that I could drive while they had to wait until they turned eighteen years old. Then I found out that I could only drive in the presence of someone with the G license and could not go on the highway. I got a little disappointed but I still studied and got my license!

Once you get your G1 you have five years to get your G2! The difference? You can drive by yourself and go on the highway. I had to wait for one year to take the required practical test for the G2 and I took driving lessons during that time. As soon as one year passed, my driving instructor booked a test for me.

Once you get your G2, you feel responsible because you have a driver’s license. One disadvantage? You may become the family chauffeur.