Toronto’s Libraries

A world of knowledge within reach.

By Tamires Gomes

I have always liked to study in Toronto. For those who are also devoted students, Toronto is a city of studies. Here, it is never too early or too late to meet people focused on their notebooks and books. At the cafes and in the countless libraries spread all over the city, we see chairs taken, tables covered with papers, laptops… and coffee. People reading, writing, typing, absorbing a lot of information, at a time when knowledge is essential.

Toronto is definitively a city where you can keep yourself updated and acquire knowledge. And for the foreign student who comes here to learn English, public libraries are the correct choices for the ones who want an environment with good lighting, desks, comfortable chairs, Internet access, and plugs. The space offers an atmosphere which encourages concentration and learning.

Biblioteca da Bloor/Gladstone. – Photo::

Toronto Public Library – TPL is the biggest Canadian library system. In 2008, it was the most visited system in the world. The libraries are spread all over the city and are divided in the neighbourhoods with a total of 100 libraries and 12 million items in their collections. Access to the library collection is free for the ones who live, work, study, or have properties in Toronto. At the libraries you can borrow books, movies, CDs, and other media, as well as attend programs, workshops, activities, and other free services.

The libraries in Toronto are more than a place for storing books; they are full of life and movement. The first time I went to the Toronto Reference Library which is the main public library located downtown, near the Yonge-Bloor subway station, I fell in love. A huge place, crowded and exciting, but perfect for those who are searching for the ideal studying environment.

For those who want a library card to access the libraries, all that is needed is a valid identification document and an address. In case you do not have a proof of residence, you can use a statement confirming that you are attending school.

Certainly one of the first things you must do when you get to Toronto is to ensure you stop by this world of knowledge, which will surely help you with your English language learning. It is a place that provides classes, lectures, workshops, as well as opportunities to meet other people with the same goal which is to improve their knowledge and Canadian culture.


Toronto Public Library