Thursday, June 20, 2024
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19 fruits and vegetables in English and Portguese

Wave went to a supermarket in Canada to show you some examples.  The chef Amanda Aragão and Eric Major, both ESL teachers, go to a supermarket in Toronto and show us some names of fruits and vegetables in English and Portuguese. Check some recipes by Amanda na...

Toronto – Remembrance Day Parade

Downtown Toronto, Canadá. In the eleventh hour, from the 11th day of the 11th month of the year 1918, the World War I came to an end. That's when the day of remembrance arose. It's a a way of remembering those who fought in that...

Brazilian writer launches children’s book in Canada

Interview with writer Ligia Carvalho. Ligia Carvalho, a resident of Woodstock (New Brunswick), has just released the children's book "Max Loves Cupcakes" (Archway Publishing), her first book and entirely in English. Ligia answered six questions from Brazilian Wave at 6 On-The-Go. Watch the video and enjoy...

5 motivos pra você ter o cartão da biblioteca de Toronto

Os editores da Brazilian Wave Maya Gasparoto e Christian Pedersen contam 5 motivos para ter o cartão de um dos maiores circuitos de bibliotecas do mundo, a Toronto Library. Se você é amante de arte, cultura e lazer, a Toronto Public Library tem muito a...

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