32,000 jobs in Canada to work on the 2021 census

Positions are temporary and pay from $ 17.83 to $ 31.25 per hour

For more information: census.gc.ca/jobs

Statistics Canada is currently hiring 32,000 people to be part of the 2021 Census team as enumerators and crew leaders.The workers will be responsible for doing the field work collecting data. The rate of pay varies from $17.83 to $31.25 per hour, depending on the position and on the location — the highest payments are for those in selected Northern and remote communities.

The work should take place between March and July 2021 and includes visiting the communities to apply the census questionnaires to households and ship completed questionnaires to the federal agency. Security measures will be taken to protect contractors against COVID-19.

To register, you need to access the Statistics Canada website and fill up the online form. Brazilians that are interested in the positions must be eligible to work in Canada — to have a Canadian citizenship, a work permit or a permanent residence — in addition to have a Canadian home address.

Hiring process

Profile: The candidate has to be 18 years old or older, a Canadian citizen or have a valid permission to work in Canada.

Process steps: Evaluation of the online application form, telephone contact to ask follow-up questions, criminal and credit check, contact with two references given by the applicant. For crew leader candidates, an interview also will be conducted.

For more information: census.gc.ca/jobs