A little know Woodstock

When you hear the word Woodstock, what comes to mind first?

Probably the great music festival of the United States that happened in the year 1969. And in Canada? Maybe you think of the city of Woodstock, Ontario.

But did you know that there is another Woodstock in Canadian lands? Yes, and it is a small town full of charm in the province of New Brunswick that still retains a great sense of community.

Woodstock was the first county founded in this province in the year 1856. The town belongs to the so-called Carleton County which is the conglomerate of small towns along the St. John River. With a little more than 5,200 inhabitants, the small town is approximately 103km from the city of Fredericton, capital of the province.

Woodstock, Canada.

City attractions

The Woodstock Library began to be built in the year 1912 and was completed in 1914. It bears this name in honor of L. Fisher, the city’s first mayor. In the year 2014 the library completed 100 years with a great celebration.

The Carleton County Court House building was built in two steps over 25 years. Today the court handles all cases around Carleton County.

Along Connell Street you can understand and get to know the whole history of the city. There are dozens of houses and historical buildings that detail their importance for the development of this community and the entire region.

Woodstock Farm & Craft Market is a cooperative organized by small producers and craftsmen of this region. The main objective is to encourage trade and local production. It is currently one of the most visited spots in the city.

The NBCC Campus (New Brunswick Community College) is also one of the highlights of the city. The Campus organizes several events throughout the year so that tourists and locals can enjoy the space.

The city still has a few restaurants and supermarkets, local boutiques, several parks in the vicinity with numerous trails and where many locals enjoy sports (both summer and winter). Living in such a small town may scare you at first, but the sense of community can be perceived as soon as you arrive. It’s the neighbour who brings you a welcome gift, the supermarket or pharmacy cashier that always recognizes you. Anyway, the feeling you have is that everyone is a great family.

To know more about this historic city and a little more about the region, just access

http://www.town.woodstock.nb.ca and https://www.tourismnewbrunswick.ca

* Ligia Carvalho is Brazilian-Canadian, lives in Woodstock, NB. Graduated in Social Communication in Brazil, she has lived in Canada for more than 8 years and has just released her first children’s book “Max Loves Cupcakes – ligiacarvalho.ca