Back to school eating healthy

September is back to school month. Healthy eating is fundamental because it supplies energy and nutrients so that children can perform well in school.

When preparing a school lunch try to prepare it the day before and make sure the fruits and veggies are pre-cut and already in the fridge, because this will facilitate packing it the next day. Include one item from every food group based on the Canadian food guide. Avoid including sweets, fried or processed foods.

Show your child the rainbow of the Canadian Food Chart* and ask that they choose a food item from each arc in the chart. Get them involved in the preparation of the food: older children can make the sandwiches, and younger children can help by washing the fruits and veggies and placing them in containers. Some examples of each food group are:

To avoid spreading bacteria, keep the food cold by placing a small bottle of frozen water in the lunch box, or an ice pack. Hot foods are best kept in thermal packaging.

Daniela Morgado is a Nutritionist (Registered Dietitian), a graduate from the University of Brasilia. She got her license to work in Canada in 2014 and became a certified diabetes educator in 2016. She works in weight control, pre-diabetes, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases (cholesterol, hypertension). Daniela does consultations in Mississauga-ON and Milton-ON. Visit her site:, or on social media (Twitter: @RD_Morgado, Instagram: @danielamorgadoRD, Facebook: @danielamorgadoRD)