Welcome to Canada: ONE Vancouver

O Grupo One Vancouver vai ao aeroporto acolher recém-chegados

Grupo One Vancouver recebe recém-chegados, no aeroporto de Vancouver.

The scene is common and maybe you have experienced it. It’s that moment when we arrive at the airport of a new country, whether to study or even to live. When the landing door opens, you see dozens of people waiting for their friends, acquaintances or relatives. It’s a party. But what if we have no one to receive us? Our arrival is kind of lame, almost sad.

Now, have you ever thought – man, woman, couple with or without children – to arrive and be received by a group of patricians? No, you do not know them. They have heard of your arrival, or were advised by you via the Internet, and there they are, ready to be the first to welcome you to Canada. And all this without charge, without a contract or a credit card.

Well, that’s what’s happening in Vancouver. A group of Brazilians decided, graciously, to offer the first embrace of welcome to those who arrive. Today, the group of volunteers, called ONE Vancouver, exceeds 50 Brazilians. And it’s not just about picking you up at the airport. It could be a first coffee, a trip to a Brazilian restaurant, tips on shopping or on how to rent an apartment and so on. They even have a group of women only, designated to pay special attention to the Brazilian women that just arrived. Does she need to chat or need a friendly shoulder? Just tell ONE GIRLS. The group has even created a slogan: ONE – You are not alone! And, to better meet the requests, five support teams were created, each with its mission.

Grupo One Vancouver

O exemplo que vem de Vancouver promete crescer e se espalhar pelo Canadá afora. Pelo menos, esta é a esperança da brasileira Isabella Brasil, que, com o seu marido, Lucas Holanda, foi a idealizadora do projeto. Em pouco mais de um mês, o grupo já recebeu inúmeras manifestações, querendo participar ou lançar a semente em outras cidades do Canadá.

Quem desejar participar ou obter outras informações sobre o ONE Vancouver entre em contato com o grupo pelo Facebook ou Instagram: /onevancouver. Email: [email protected]

The example that comes from Vancouver promises to grow and spread throughout Canada. At least, this is the hope of Brazilian Isabella Brazil, who, with her husband, Lucas Holanda, was the idealizer of the project. In a little over a month, the group has already received numerous enquiries from people wanting to participate or wanting to start a new group in other Canadian cities.

Anyone wishing to participate or to obtain further information about ONE Vancouver please contact the group through Facebook or Instagram: / onevancouver. Email: [email protected]. Website: www.onevancouver.ca

Website: www.onevancouver.ca