Beto Jardim


His work has unique and irreverent traces.

Beto Jardim is from Bahia and is a self-taught artist. The design, the shapes of his paintings invite you to dive into a world of living and vibrant colours. His contemporary art makes you escape the obvious and shows a beautiful and eclectic creativity, which only great artists can reach.

Beto’s talent is expressed by the broken shapes, on the dimensions of human figures and the mix of colours with geometric lines. His work takes us to a world full of futuristic imagination, cherishing his elegant abstract style.

The design is Beto Jardim’s own style and is like diving in cells of live and vibrant colours which transforms into distinguishable works of art. His Brazilian heritage transcends in the themes such as O Sonho de Ariano Suassuna, Opera do Malandro and Girl of Xingu.

Beto captures our attention with each thin line of his strokes. It is like a bomb that goes off. A toast to talent.