BodyTalk activates the healing process and benefits animals

Holistic therapy identifies and corrects areas of imbalance in the body

By Bruna Araújo, Brazil

German Shepherd Molly was bitten by a wasp, close to the eye, while playing.

BodyTalk is energy medicine which balances body, mind and spirit, looking for priority areas in healing.

This therapy was created in the late ’90s by Australian Dr. John Veltheim, which uses principles from Eastern and Western medicines. BodyTalk can be done remotely and brings benefits to both humans and animals alike.

Adriana Barros, CBP, has been practicing for about 10 years and has already healed and rehabilitated people and animals in different countries. She explains that, like humans, dogs, cats and other animals are greatly affected by energetic imbalances, which need to be corrected, as they can suffer from physical and psychological traumas.

She points that they are greatly affected by the environment and many times, healthy animals can fall ill unexpectedly. “Diseases don’t start developing directly on the physical body: they start first in the energetic body, brain, following the rest of the body. When an imbalance is detected on the physical level, it means that it could have been in the energetic, emotional and mental bodies for some time”.

One of these cases is the one of German Shepherd Molly, who was stung by a wasp close to her eye while playing. She suffered from pain and discomfort, but also emotionally. Molly’s caregiver, Liliana Wankiewicz, sought help in BodyTalk when she noticed that conventional veterinarian treatment was not effective and the dog was more lethargic and refused to eat. The results were amazing.

The German Shepherd found balance again. “Molly went back to being the same old dog as before. The swelling went down, her eye is healed, she has been eating and is back to being the happy and playful dog that she once was. We are very grateful for Adriana. We believe that thanks to her, Molly is healthy again”, states Wankiewicz.

During the pandemic, BodyTalk is an important ally, for not only being a method to prevent diseases but also to treat stress and anxiety triggered by the lockdown, affecting directly, the mental and physical health of animals.

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