Real Estate news

Real estate news: July-August 2020

Automatic translation from Portuguese with Google Translate (not edited).

According to REBGV and BCREA:

Canada’s housing market continues to recover after COVID-19’s confinement put a brake on the typically bustling spring market.

Although June property sales figures have almost returned to normal levels, which is not yet normal at the moment, but the market has recovered much faster than many imagined, and what will happen later this year remains a big question mark.

Real estate sales in BC in June increased by 17%, this shows a big jump in sales and prices in June compared to the same month of 2019.

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In July, August and September, we will still see very strong numbers and property sales will remain high.

Millennials often think they have no chance of entering the real estate market, but this new “Startup” is allowing people without money to also be able to buy a home – or at least part of one. The new company will allow people to buy real estate in Vancouver for just $ 1 a pop. That way, you can invest in housing, no matter how little money you have – as long as you have a single dollar.

The Canadian-based start-up “Addy”, just launched on Wednesday, July 15th, is are already getting a lot of support.