Brampton Animal Services rescues two coyote pups at Wet’n’Wild


By Press Release

Brampton Animal Services rescued two coyote pups who found themselves stuck while exploring the empty Wet’n’Wild park, which is currently closed in response to COVID-19.

Staff at Wet’n’Wild called animal services when they found the coyotes in a pool of rainwater around the Cannonball Falls ride, where Brampton Animal Services staff rescued the pups safely.

Upon rescue, Brampton Animal Services staff assessed the pups for injuries, found them in good health, and released them.

“Brampton is home to a range of urban wildlife, including beavers, geese, coyotes, deer, and rabbits,” said Kathy Duncan, Manager, Brampton Animal Services. “It’s important that we know how to live peacefully with our animal friends, and Brampton Animal Services is always here to help, whether it’s by rescuing wildlife from unpredictable situations like this, or keeping residents informed and educated.”  

Brampton Animal Services has some tips when it comes to safely sharing our community with wildlife.

Stay calm

It might feel difficult, but if you are in the community and are approached by wildlife, remain calm. Don’t give in to an instinct to turn and run, as this might provoke wildlife such as geese and coyotes to chase you.

Make yourself loud and large

If an animal continues to approach you in the community, it’s best to make yourself loud and large. You can stand tall and wave your arms, clap, shout, make startling movements, or open an umbrella, turn on a flashlight, or activate an alarm or loud noise on your phone. The goal is to startle wildlife into running away – do not chase or touch the animal! If you try to scare the animal but fear you are still at risk of immediate attack, call 911.

Take care of your home

Keep wildlife out of your home area by ensuring you have a solid, tall fence around your backyard. Maintain your garbage containers – do not let them overflow and store them in a safe area, as they might attract small rodents, and in turn larger wildlife. Remove pet food that has been left outside. Avoid composting meat products. Use motion-sensitive lights so they are less attractive for wildlife.

Call Brampton Animal Services

When in doubt, call Brampton Animal Services! Animal services is always available to educate and inform, rescue, and respond to other inquiries about wildlife in Brampton. You can reach them at 905.458.5800.

Animal Control is on the road Monday to Friday from 7 AM to 10 PM, and on Saturday, Sunday, and holidays from 8 AM to 6:30 PM