A modern fiftish.

By Viviane Rosa

A modern and well planned city. This is Brasília, the federal capital and the Brazilian political centre. Designed on the drawing-boards of the architect, Oscar Niemeyer, Brasília was born with an architecture that went against modern day concepts. Neither was it in line with the classical boundaries of city design. In its 50th year (2010), the capital of the Republic was remembered for the mysticism surrounding its creation and by its contributions to the development and importance of the Brazilian nation.

As the most unique urban project in the world, this flat city with wide avenues is marked by squares and sectors that enable natural light and the horizon to be seen by all. Residential buildings can only have a maximum of six floors and monuments and public buildings are enveloped by ample gardens, with an immense variety of trees and flowers. The Brazilian capital also has one of the best quality of life indexes in the country, offering cleaner air because there are no large industries nearby.

Very hospitable, Brazilians live together with foreigners from over 84 countries, who work at Embassies recognized by the Brazilian Government. All this diversity that surrounds the cosmopolitan Brasília helps to build tourism and business in Brazil. Of course, it also enhances the development and quality of the hotel, gastronomic and other service industries.

Considered by mystics as the “promised land”, Brasília is said to have been envisioned by the Italian priest, Dom Bosco, in 1856. Buildings in the shape of pyramids, such as the Teatro Nacional and the Templo da Boa Vontade, also bring to mind ancient Egypt. Furthermore, Brasília has a variety of religions; there are churches, sanctuaries, mosques, places devoted to African myths, Oriental temples and ecumenical communities that have housed over 1,500 people for over 30 years.

Brasília has already given life to much imagination, has helped many people to get their lives on track and even with the slip-ups in politics, Brazilians still believe that that Brasilia is as magical and promising today as it was 50 years ago. We believe the best is yet to come.