Adriano Galeno

The creative iPad painter.

Adriano Galeno who is a Brazilian living in Canada, has turned his tablet into a canvas. His work has been gaining ground and has attracted the attention of many.

Art by Adriano Galeno

One thing is certain: art is democratic. All you need is initiative and creativity to express yourself in your own way and enchant people around the world. And since the Internet has transformed us all into possible content makers, new artists appear all the time. One of them is the Brazilian Adriano Galeno, who for the past two years has made one of Apple’s most popular products, the iPad, his painting studio.

At 43 years of age, and living in Toronto for the past 12, Galeno is married and has two daughters. A graduate of Computer Sciences, this Brazilian loves the virtual world and works developing applications for the web and mobile phones. But art has a special place in his life.

With a mother and brothers who are painters, and a great grandfather who is a poet, Galeno has always been connected to the arts, especially painting, though he had never painted before. Purchasing the iPad was his starting point to begin expressing himself. “I discovered some applications which made many types of materials readily available for me to paint. Everything was in my hands virtually, so all I had to do was start”, he states.

And since he began he never stopped! Almost every day Adriano produces a new work of art, which according to him is based on family relations and daily life. He also says that the portability of the iPad is fundamental, because the majority of his paintings are made on the subway, on his way to work.

The exposition of his work is also virtual and can be seen on his personal web site. “I have received much praise and am happy about that. More and more people comment on my work. I have some projects and one of them is to display my artwork in a gallery sometime in the future”.

Art by Adriano Galeno

Adriano emphasizes that one of his main objectives with his work is to encourage other people to do the same. “I think that anyone can express themselves through art, whichever that may be. If it is not on the iPad, then by other means. The best platform is the one that is available to you!”

When did you get the inspiration to paint on the iPad?
Galeno: Painting on the iPad is recent but there are already a lot of productions on the network. One of the first references was the Portuguese artist Jorge Colombo, who in 2009 made a cover for The New Yorker with a painting made on a tablet.

 What are the main tools used for painting on the iPad?
Galeno: Basically each application has a certain function when painting. I have used these software products a lot: Brushes, SketchBook Pro and ArtRage. They help me define texture and mix colours, among other options.

Are these tools easy to acquire and use?
Galeno: They are easy to use, and with time you will find new ways to use them. Besides this they are readily available on the Internet, you just have to download it. A lot of software is free and many do not cost over 10 dollars. During these two years that I have painted I have spent only 50 dollars in applications. It’s worth it!

All of his artwork can be seen at