Angélica Ambrosini – Female Diplomacy

Vice-Consul of Brazil in Toronto reconciles the routine of being a wife, mother and diplomat with elegance and competence

Angélica Ambrosini

By Marta Almeida | Translated by Loretta Murphy

Just five months old, Heloisa is a beautiful little princess who radically transformed the life of her mother, diplomat Angelica Ambrosini. The Vice-Consul of Brazil in Toronto must now reconcile the needs of her baby with the demands of her busy schedule. So much so that it was during a breastfeeding break, and under the watchful eye of the baby, that  Ambrosini, a southerner from Jaguarão, found time to talk to Wave Magazine. The conversation flowed according to the wishes of the baby girl, but soon Heloisa calmed down…

Tell us a little about your career… How did you get started? What were the main challenges?
Angélica Ambrosini – When I was 17 years old, I took two degree programs: Law and International Relations, because I knew that I wanted to be a diplomat. When I finished, I moved to Brasilia where I studied 14-16 hours a day for almost 4 years, after which I took the public examination to become a diplomat. Since then, my life has been one novelty after another. Once I graduated from the Rio Branco Institute, I started working in the Foreign Ministry. Then I went to Cameroon, where I led the consular, political and cultural department of the Brazilian Embassy. Last year, I completed my mission in Africa and, fortunately, I moved to Toronto, where I am now the Vice-Consul, heading the entire consular service.

How is the relationship with the Brazilian community here?
Angélica Ambrosini – Since I arrived, I have been working very closely with the community in Toronto, and this relationship has been built step by step. The volume of work is enormous, it is believed that about 20 thousand Brazilians reside in Canada. But our contact with the Brazilian community, which is so diverse, is always a pleasure.

How do you reconcile your career with your routine of being a  homemaker, wife, mother… Heloisa is here watching every little thing… Is it very difficult?
Angélica Ambrosini – It’s fun, it’s challenging and I think it is very applicable to the career a diplomat – dealing with multiple issues at the same time, always in a very constructive and interesting manner. I consider myself very happy today due to the birth of our first daughter ( Angelica is married to Dr. Luciano Ambrosini who accompanies her on all her missions ). I can now say that success does not only pertain to one’s career. I think that success is when we can attain all of life’s priorities.