Banda Trama in Canada

Claúdia Lopez and Lúcio Freitas are a couple from São Paulo who left Brazil in June 2015, eager to conquer Canada. The fact that their daughters already lived here just added weight to their decision. In 2009, their youngest daughter came because of a scholarship and to play basketball through her school in Calgary. She returned to Brazil even though her parents were already here, but ended up coming back to Canada because of her marriage. The eldest daughter came to teach English to foreigners at a High School in Toronto and ended up returning to Brazil where she remains, as she is involved with her project on a YouTube channel. Claúdia and Lúcio came to reunite the family, and things didn’t work out quite as they had planned.

Banda Trama. Claudia Lopez and Lucio Freitas.

Both studied Music at University level. Lúcio has studied the acoustic guitar since he was a child and then later studied his passion, the drums. As a child, he used his parent’s couch as an instrument. He is also a flutist. Cláudia has a degree in classical piano. She received her bachelor’s degree with a teaching qualification. And over the course of time, whenever she was feeling incomplete, she took music extension courses in harmony, interpretation, and jazz to help heal the hole. This made her a well-rounded pianist. The Band’s repertoire is rich and includes Bossa Nova, MPB (Brazilian Popular Music) and pop music. Before embarking on a radical change in their lives, they planned the whole trip, sought information about the possibility of working here and were surprised to learn that there was plenty of opportunity for Brazilian musicians in Canada.

The couple always worked with music in Brazil, accompanying artists, in studios, at social and corporate events and wedding companies. Cláudia explains: “Our work was client focused, and because of this we had to listen to the client and learn their preferences to put on a show. In 1987, the band named Trama (plot) was born, because it was necessary to plot the repertoire according to the clients’ taste, to satisfy them. Banda Trama added other musicians according to each show’s needs.

Nowadays they live in Toronto and have been hired by Love Revolution Church and are committed to playing Canadian gospel songs on Sunday afternoons. They continue playing frequently in bars, parties, and events and always bring musicians from the community when needed. They are already scheduled to participate in the Brazilian New Year party that will take place in Toronto at the end of the year. Recently Lucio was able to show his other artistic side. He was invited by the Brazilian Citizen’s Council in Toronto to participate in the 1st Week of Brazil in Toronto, as the plastic artist that he is. His four works were highly praised and appreciated by the public, showing that besides being a great musician he is also a talented artist when it comes to fine arts. This side to him was discovered during a hard and painful period of depression that he endured, to which his reaction and healing came through his art. His sensitivity is present in a delicate and meticulous work where he lets his imagination and talent run free.

Life in Canada is very different from life in Brazil. Some sacrifices in the initial stages, the stress of everything being new, and information to be assimilated in record time, bring about radical changes in every immigrant. It would not be different for someone whose profession involves sensitivity at its very core. While Claúdia gives private piano lessons to the audience that she likes the most, which is children, Lúcio works in landscape and carpentry. Together they are working on the design of a CD, different from what they recorded in Brazil before leaving for Canada. After the first adjustments, Claúdia and Lúcio confess they are in harmony with the city and the country.