Bibiana Neves

Words with an Angolan flavour.

Bibiana Neves

By Juliana Dalla | Translated by Loretta Murphy

Entrepreneurs are not only found in the business world. Like other professionals, artists must have an entrepreneurial spirit to visualize, coordinate and put their projects into action, in order to earn a spotlight in the competitive arts market.

Among the artistic entrepreneurs of our Portuguese language community is the Angolan writer Bibiana Neves, who arrived in Canada in 2000.

Bibiana has always enjoyed writing. As she is shy, she found in writing a way to express her feelings. But her literary gift turned professional a little less than a decade ago: “I had many many poems and verses written in a diary that closed with a padlock, but the idea of ​​publishing began to mature in 2005, when I started writing my thoughts and stories on a social site (Hi5), and people liked it so much, that I finally revealed what was hidden in the diaries and on the computer. With that, I discovered my passion and began writing for the Platina Line, an Angolan entertainment portal in Brazil, and then to the Mensalão, an Angolan community magazine in Canada.”

The first work published by Bibiana, Refletir no Silêncio, was released in 2011 by Canadian publisher Page Master and was sponsored by the Angolan Embassy in Canada. ” It is a book of poems and thoughts that took about 5 years to complete,” explains the author. The book can be purchased through the website or by emailing [email protected].

Both Refletir no Silêncio as well as her next literary project, which should be published in 2014, are in Portuguese. However, Bibiana has plans to publish her books in English and French, to adapt to the Canadian market.

And for anyone thinking of writing as a profession, but afraid to invest in such an uncertain career, the young author quotes José Alencar: “Success is born of the will, of determination and persistence in reaching a goal. Even if you don’t reach the target, those seeking and overcoming obstacles, will minimally achieve amazing things. “A note from a man who gave wings to the talent, transforming art into a lifetime craft.