BodyTalk and chronic pain, emotional pain and injuries

Adriana Barros. Certified BodyTalk practitioner

BodyTalk is a holistic healthcare system that balances the body on all levels: physical,
emotional, psychological, and spiritual, looking for the root cause of the issue that you
are dealing with, by clearing traumas, memories, fears, insecurities and belief systems,
promoting self-healing.

The human body is not made of matter, as well as everything else in the universe: it is
made of atoms, which are energy particles, and that is exactly what we find in the
nucleus of the atom. For that reason, it is also important to understand that alongside
our physical body, there are energy bodies such as Chakras, Meridians, and Wei Q; and
when those energy bodies are not in harmony, they will affect the balance of our
physical body, and when our physical body is not in harmony, it will affect the balance
of our energy bodies. Health only happens when all those bodies are aligned and intact.

BodyTalk aims to reset the communication between the brain and the different systems in the body, which becomes interrupted when we are under stress. This way, BodyTalk
makes this communication, strong and fast, once again, so the body can rely on its
innate ability to heal itself, naturally.

Every condition in the physical body has its origin and imbalance in our energy field,
through connection and vibration, which will consequently affect our thoughts and
furthermore, make their way into the physical body as diseases.

When we talk about chronic pain, emotional pain, and injuries, it is important to
remember that each of them has its root in that energy imbalance that will influence
our thoughts. So, it is fair to say that what we hold in our thoughts, we hold in our
body. Thoughts attached to emotions will magnify and make that pain feel deeper,
chronic, emotional, and real, or make us prone to injuries.

Once we let go of the emotional attachments to certain people, events, thoughts and
emotions, the body can start healing itself.

Adriana Barros is a certified BodyTalk practitioner, specializing in chronic and emotional
pain as well as injuries.

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