Brumadinho solidarity campaign starts off in Toronto

The Brazilian’s proposal is to send the suffering population of Brumadinho more than a thousand patchwork quilts.

by Arthur Vianna


Brumadinho’s tragedy in the metropolitan area of Belo Horizonte has shaken Brazil and the world. On January 25, the collapse of a dam built by Vale mining company left a trail of mud, killing hundreds, with many still missing, destroying homes and causing incalculable environmental damage. Besides the necessary and urgent investigation to find those responsible for the criminal disaster, actions of solidarity with the population of Brumadinho have popped up around the world.

In Toronto, Ana Paula Brasil, an artist from Porto Alegre specializing in Textile Art, is spearheading a campaign to support the inhabitants of Brumadinho. Ana Paula, who has participated in countless voluntary actions in Brazil and Canada, where she has been living for 6 years, decided to put all her expertise at the service of a solidarity action that is receiving the support and participation of people in several countries.

The Brazilian’s proposal is to send the suffering population of Brumadinho more than a thousand patchwork quilts. Following an original design, created by Ana Paula and inspired by the city of Brumadinho’s flag, it has the triangle of the Minas Gerais’ flag in white, representing peace and justice; red for pain and love for neighbour and green for nature and hope.

In Petrópolis (RJ), Maria Lúcia Ázara, from the NGO “Using the Good”, finishes another “quilt” to be sent to Brumadinho.

After the launch of the campaign just after the tragedy, Ana Paula Brasil has already garnered the participation of more than 500 people in Brazil and from countries like Portugal, the USA, Germany, Spain, Argentina and, of course, Canada.

In addition to the “quilts”, the appeal launched in Toronto has found other partners. From Berlin, the Brazilian Rosana Conte, who owns a felt doll and baby clothes company, has joined the campaign and will send dolls and bedspreads to Brumadinho’s children. From Bagé, in Rio Grande do Sul, the group “Estojos do Bem” (School kits for Good), idealized by Lu Jaber, also said yes to the project and will send kits with school supplies.

 Volunteers from Santa Catarina exhibit one of the many “quilts” that will be sent to Brumadinho.

And thus, the Brumadinho Quilt Campaign is receiving the adhesion of countless NGOs and companies who wish to assist, such as “Usando o Bem”, (Using the Good) from Petrópolis, RJ, which, under the coordination of Cynthia Ázara, already has dozens of quilts ready to be sent. In Florianópolis, SC, in the district of Campeche, the quilts are being made by volunteers at the Eliana Castelan Atelier. From Chicago, USA, the Brazilian artist Jê Pereira has also embraced the idea and, in addition to sending her work, posted a video about the campaign that has been seen by more than 3 thousand people.

Ana Paula Brasil coordinates, from Toronto, the Brumadinho Quilt Campaign.

The goal, according to Ana Paula Brasil, is “to surround Brumadinho with our affection and respect”.

How to participate

On social networks, anyone interested in participating in the Brumadinho Quilt Campaign, whether making quilts or in the area of logistics, will find all the necessary information, such as the step-by-step of the model to be made and all the collection points. Ana Paula is already in contact with the authorities of Brumadinho, especially with the Fire Department, City Hall and Civil Defense.

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