Canadá – Laylalu Celis, the millenium generation

Laylaly Celis é uma artista multimidia, canadense-brasileira, que representa a sua geração do milênio.
Laylalu Celis is a canadian-brazilian vlogger, multimedia artist & entrepreneur.

Born and raised in Canada with a Brazilian mother, this young entrepreneur has great potential for the future and hopes to inspire and drive others towards success. From a young age, art was encouraged from all sides of her family, her grandfather being a musician, her grandmother being an artist and her mother growing up being involved in theatre, fitness and a lot more.

She started to show signs of her own artistic abilities as she loved to sing, dance and do art with her mother and grandma, while beautiful things were growing within her artistic influences, Laylalu also became diagnosed with severe arthritis at just the age of two and by the age of nine had stopped walking.

Many doctors had given up hope on her recovery and said by the age of nineteen that she’d become disabled, but the young driven girl never gave up. Her mother continued to search for a cure and decided to take a natural turn in life, including homeschooling, treating the illness with natural foods and powerful anti-inflammatories such as medical cannabis and CBD, cats-claw, pão d’arco (a Brazilian herb), sucupira and many more.

Her mother also began her own path as a Yoga teacher and began to implement physiotherapy, Thai Yoga massage and light Yoga into her daughter’s lifestyle. During her years of therapy, Layla has matured mentally and developed several passions, she started to learn how to play the piano to help her fingers move and she began to become interested in writing, blogging, art, singing, filming, directing and quickly became a multi-talented artist.
After three years of intensive treatments and dietary changes, Laylalu began to walk again and kept Yoga apart of her lifestyle change. — Now, the young multi-artist became interested in several things and applied fitness into her daily life. Looking at her now, you’d never know that she once did not walk.

Her mother opened up a Yoga Studio over seven years ago and her daughter, after realizing how much Yoga has benefited her in her life, decided to learn how to teach it herself at just the age of sixteen. Since then, she has become a teacher and manager of her mother’s company (The House of Yoga, in Toronto).

Her journey as an influencer is never ending and she hopes to grow in her career as an entrepreneur, showing the world her passions. During her healing stages, she began Youtubing, (Singing, doing makeup tutorials, challenges, and vlogs) and has a blog directed towards feminism and helping women grow.

Now in 2018, the nineteen-year-old has even dished about a short novel she’s planning on publishing! Over the years Laylalu continued her passion for music and dancing, she now plays; piano, guitar, ukulele and banjo and says that she plans on learning more in the future. She even teaches people how to play and sing in her spare time.

The driven young-woman took on a new passion for travel, after she visited Europe and years later, Central America by herself. She aspires to do more travel vlogging and writing. In April she decided to continue her fitness goal in becoming a twerkout instructor under the famous Lexy Panterra. Currently, in her life she plans on traveling, writing and doing plenty of travel vlogs, makeup videos and create content to keep inspiring people to do what they want to do.