FCBB – Federation of Canadian-Brazilian Businesses

FCBB is a non-profit institution, birthed in 2009 from the desire of Brazilian and Canadian businessmen to build a bridge between the two economies.

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What is the purpose of the Federation?

Promote business between Brazil and Canada, with the support of a team of trained volunteers and a network of carefully selected business partners, which grows every day.

Over the years, we have promoted bilateral innovation and deepened trade relations between the two countries, connecting, informing, supporting and encouraging Canadian companies to capitalize on opportunities in Brazil and Brazilian companies with the same objective in Canada.

Who can become a member?

Companies of a variety of business models and sizes, from new entrepreneurs and startups to small and medium-sized businesses.

Why become a member?

FCBB connects entrepreneurs and partners. Through our networking, we provide the tools and support a business needs to understand, connect and succeed in the Canadian and Brazilian markets. By becoming a member, you join a network of connections and a diverse business ecosystem that is uniquely designed for your company and participates in events held for our clients.

Our network of international business professionals will help you connect with the right partners, reducing the risks and challenges of internationalization.

Who can become a partner?

Your company can become a partner in one of three categories:

1) Institutional – private or public institutions interested in promoting business between Canada and Brazil

2) Operational – private or public organizations capable of offering services to make international membership growth plans come true

3) Sponsor – private or public organizations interested in funding FCBB’s efforts and projects to develop business opportunities between Canada and Brazil

Why become a partner?

FCBB connects your organization to new market opportunities, possibilities of new suppliers and promotion of your business, making your company obtain the necessary exposure to go even further, through events and the use of our social media as dissemination vehicles.

Who are the FCBB volunteers?

Today we are more than 90 specialized professionals located in Brazil and Canada. There is the possibility of volunteering in the areas of Business Development, Marketing, IT, HR and Operations. A commitment to the program of at least six months and at least four hours a week is expected.

Why become a volunteer?

The program is a fantastic opportunity to connect with the ecosystem of companies in Brazil and Canada and network. FCBB offers ways to expand business learning and enhance personal and professional development. In addition, there is the possibility of receiving a letter highlighting your contribution. Access our website and social networks: