Interview with Christiano Cochrane. The hospitality of the Canadian people

The son of journalist Marília Gabriela tells about the experience he had in Canada during the two trips he made to the country, one with his mother. And Marília also highlights the kindness of Canadians.

Crhistiano Cochrane and his mother, journalist Marília Gabriela

If the actor Christiano Cochrane had to choose a quality from Canada, he would certainly highlight the hospitality of the people, extremely friendly and always ready to help. Both he and his mother, journalist Marília Gabriela, were delighted with the education and kindness of the people, during a trip they made together to the country.

Christiano emphasizes that Canadians really do live up to the term “friendly Canadians”. “They are extremely welcoming, patient and interested in what we have to say” – highlights the actor, who is also a journalist and TV presenter.

Marília Gabriela recalls the modern and simple style of Canadians. “I remember being surprised by the kindness of people, with their modern style of living and being, without the need to make a big deal” – she says.

Christiano travelled twice to the country, once for skiing and the most recent with Marília. The time he went with his mother, the trip started in New York and ended in Montreal and Quebec, when they both drove.

Both Christiano and Marília claim to have experienced incredible moments in the country. “I remember being very happy to run with my son at the water’s edge in Mont Royal Park. I also enjoyed the night with very excited Canadians, where we danced a lot. Furthermore, I loved visiting Quebec, that charming World Heritage Site! ” – says the journalist. She also says that she intends to return to the country and that she fully understands why Canada is an important goal for immigrants seeking to obtain a quality of life.

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Regarding living in the country, Christiano Cochrane says that he would see it during the milder months of the year, perhaps in Montreal, because he liked the city.

Follow the actor’s interview for Brazilian Wave Magazine.

Brazilian Wave: Which cities have you visited and what are your impressions of them?

Christiano Cochrane – First I visited Vancouver and Whistler, on a ski trip. Then I took another trip with my mother to Montreal and Quebec. I liked everything very much, but I was less pleased with Quebec, because I found the city very still. Maybe because I went in the dead of winter. Whistler is a very charming city for skiing, with that mountain face, good snow and an excellent resort. However, the cold gets intense when it’s windy, and that’s my only caveat. Vancouver and Montreal are very cool, with that big city vibe, but with the Canadian people who are friendly.

 Brazilian Wave – Which city did you like the most?

Christiano Cochrane – I think my favourite was Montreal. It is a huge city, with incredible cultural and gastronomic life, with a very New York look, but with a European feel. People kiss on the cheek, have dinner later, etc. I used to run a lot at that time and enjoy it, even though it was cold. Waking up early and running by the river was beautiful.

Brazilian Wave – About Canadian culture and cuisine, what most caught your attention?

Christiano Cochrane – I remember a beautiful church, the Notre-Dame Basilica in Montreal, something out of the ordinary! As for gastronomy, they have a multitude of things with Maple Syrup, which I love, but what impressed me was the quality of sushi in Vancouver. I went to two Japanese restaurants, both relatively simple, and the fish was amazing! Years later, I talked to other people who went to Vancouver, a lot of entertainment people who spend months recording there, and they told me the same thing: “Sushi is incredible”! So, it wasn’t just my impression.

 Brazilian Wave – In Quebec, did you notice the differences between the French and English sides?

Christiano Cochrane – Yes, I realized. In reality, in Quebec I only saw people speaking French and without much desire or pleasure to speak English with me. I thought I was going to see more people speaking French in Montreal, but I hardly saw anyone. Understand, most speak English and French, but the language preferred by the majority is English.

Brazilian Wave – Who did you travel with? What did people think about the country?

Christiano Cochrane – The first trip, Vancouver and Whistler, I did with friends who ski a lot and already knew, so it was not new for them. They invited me because they like to ski there and keep going almost every year, just to do that. The other, for Montreal and Quebec, I did with my mother. We were at her apartment in New York and she proposed a different adventure. I rented a car and we went, just the two of us, driving there. We met friends in Montreal, we visited museums, it was really cool.

 Brazilian Wave – Is there any particularity that you noticed there and reminded you of Brazil?

Christiano Cochrane – As I said, in Montreal I felt people more comfortable with our way of speaking, closer (their “bubble” is much smaller than that of Americans, for example) and they even kiss on the cheek.

Brazilian Wave – Would you live in Canada?

Christiano Cochrane – I would live during the milder months, maybe in Montreal, which I thought was so cool. But in addition to being used to the delicious California weather, my wife can’t stand cold places and I won’t go anywhere without her.

Brazilian Wave – What do you recommend in the country?

Christiano Cochrane – For skiers, I recommend Whistler, as there are tracks for all levels and beautiful people in the bars and restaurants. Before or after climbing the mountain, stop in Vancouver and eat good sushi at one of the city’s many Japanese restaurants.