Irinéa Maria Ribeiro Launches CD After 55 Years in the Business

Singer launches her album, 50 years of a Song, with a special concert with her daughter Luanda Jones, also celebrating Irinéa’s birthday!

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Photo: Cláudio da Matta

The songwriter, guitarist, artistic director, guitar and vocal education instructor Irinéa Maria Ribeiro will turn seventy years old on June 30 and her authorial CD “Life Lessons – 55 Years of Music” is the first of her 55-year long career. The CD contains 16 songs composed over the span of her long career and includes a diverse repertoire of blues, samba, waltz, bossa nova and “marcha-rancho.” There are also special cameos, including by her own daughter, singer Luanda Jones, who resides in Toronto.

Irinéa used crowd funding to help with expenses like studio payment, musicians, editing, mixing, photos, graphic design, promotion, official shirts, CDs, scenery, costumes and release. The goal was to raise R$ 20,000, and about US$ 5,100 was successfully achieved.

Wave: How did the idea of crowd funding come about?

Irinéa: It was my producer, Sidney Mattos’ idea. I had already started recording and I felt it would be beyond what I imagined. That was when Sidney Mattos showed me the site. As I have many friends and fans, I was excited to try. We estimated expenses and launched the campaign on February 28, with the end date set for April 15. It worked!

Wave: Why only now, after years of working in your field, did you decide to make your first CD?

Irinéa I have been composing since I was 13. My first song was recorded by my brother Silvio Ribeiro. I started learning guitar chords so easily that my mother enrolled me in the Roberto Menescal School. I learned to play with a Bossa Nova Master and through him, I learned about the great Brazilian musicians. I have always composed and played but I did not like to sing. Many singers began with me. I had several invitations over these 55 years to record but I did not accept them. Only in September of 2015 did Sidney Mattos record a CD titled “They Sing Me,” inviting 12 women to play his songs. He called me and I recorded “Drain.” I performed at the launching show and I was happy with the result. Friends increasingly encouraged me. Luanda encouraged me even more! So I decided to record.

Wave: Tell us a little about your work.

Irinéa: In addition to writing for several MPB [Popular Brazilian Music] artists I performed musical direction, tracks for theatre and jingles, arrangements for singers, voice direction, I worked with stage direction, and I participated in many music festivals in Brazil. As I do not enjoy singing, I did sporadic shows, when producers invited me. I had shows in places like the Baden Powell Room, the Carioca Music Reference Centere and the Paqueta Arts Centre. In March of 2016 I began promoting the CD.

Wave: Will the show on June 30 be the only one in Canada?

Irinéa: I intend to spend a month in Toronto. I would like to continue the launch at other venues, in addition to the Lula Lounge.

Wave: How is your relationship with your daughter, singer-songwriter Luanda Jones?

Irinéa: Luanda was born into music. Her grandmother sang her the songs of Carmen Miranda and she loved them! Her father was into jazz and progressive rock, and I liked bossa nova and MPB. She grew up listening to everything and made her choices freely. Singing and playing for her is a delight! On my CD she sings a song with me. On her CD, I sing “Chorinho.” Being with her in Toronto, releasing my CD “Life Lessons” will be a beautiful event of sounds!

(*) Our thanks to Luana Jones.

Photo cover: Cláudio da Matta


Luanda Irinéia Jones & Maria
When: June 30 | 7:30pm
Where: Lula Music & Arts Centre – 1585 Dundas St. West. – Toronto, ON
Tickets: $15 at the door e $10 advanced. For more info and tickets click here or call 416-9588-0307