Jacaré in Canada

In early 2016, he packed his bags and came to Canada. Photo: Kelly Kope Photography

By the Wave Team

Translated by Loretta Murphy

The Bahian actor Edson Cardoso, better known as Jacaré [Alligator], is a symbol of Brazilian culture. The former dancer from the memorable Axé group É o Tchan has dedicated his artistic career to the theatre, film and TV for more than eleven years.

Like many Brazilians with a stable career in Brazil, Jacaré did not rest in his success. In early 2016, he packed his bags and came to Canada with his wife and children in order to improve their English and study in programs geared toward the entertainment market.

The Choice of Canada

Edson and his wife had always dreamed of living abroad and acquiring international experience. This year, their dream came true.

Why Canada? The answer will certainly sound familiar to many Brazilians who also decided to come here: “The reasons were safety, accessibility, acceptance level of immigrants (there is total acceptance here); schools, both English and professional. There are lots and they are great. In the end, when we weighed all the options, basically the currency exchange spoke louder “.

According to Jacaré, his family has adapted to the country, especially the children. “They’re enjoying it,” he said. When asked if he misses anything, his answer was accompanied with laughter: “We really miss our genuine Bahian cassava flour.”


Lights, Camera, Action

Jacaré currently lives in Vancouver, British Columbia, and shares his daily routines with his fans on the YouTube channel Jacaré in VanCity, which already has nearly 2,000 subscribers. His videos not only answer questions about the star’s life, but also serve as an information platform on issues related to Canada. All done without much pretension, he says.

Though launching an international career is not his main objective, Jacaré does not rule out this possibility. “I have no intention, but if an opportunity arises, I’ll go for it,” he says.

About the Canadian arts market, Jacaré says there are daily opportunities in the Vancouver entertainment world, a place where many series and Hollywood films are shot. He advises artists and other professionals in this area to research the market here if they already have a good level of English. “The market is super-hot,” he says.