Brazilian launches sports App in Vancouver

What happens when a triathlete and designer can't find training partners? He creates an App for it. Flöckbud came from the desire of Brazilian Luiz Moreira to train in group, with other related sportsmen.

Luiz Moreira, founder of Flöckbud.

WAVE: Luiz, tell us a little bit about yourself and your passion for sports.

LUIZ: I’ve always loved sports, ever since I was a little kid. I was born in the countryside of Brazil and I grew up on a farm. With so many places to explore, I would run and enjoy the warm weather every single day. We had so much to do, like swimming with my cousins ​​on the weekend, riding a bike with my brother and uncle or simply running after the chickens and all of the other animals that lived around us. That´s how I ended up enjoying physical activity.

When I grew up and moved to a condo, I continued active by playing tennis, swimming, and doing judo. Then I moved to the city of São Paulo, where I developed a passion for running and started swimming again. It was there, right after I graduated, that I became interested in Duathlons (I was still a little uncomfortable in the water). For those of you who do not know, Duathlon is a sport where competitors run, bike and run again.

After moving to London-UK to do my Master’s degree in Design, I missed training with friends, being part of a club and having company during races and events. No one in my course enjoyed sports very much, so I trained alone most of the time. When I started training for Triathlons (similar to Duathlons, but the format here is swim-bike-run), I decided to become part of a team so I could learn more about the sport and meet other athletes.

WAVE: And when did you have the idea of ​​developing Flöckbud?

LUIZ: When finally arriving in Canada in 2012, I decided it was time to create an app to help people find training partners. In 2017 the first sketches of Flöckbud were made, and after lots of work and research, we launched in 2019. The goal of ​​the app is to enable athletes of all levels to connect through sport, and have a beautiful, simple and efficient platform to do so. The journey has been very rewarding, and we are in the process of fine tuning the experience and correcting bugs so that we can release an improved version. It would be great to count on the Brazilian community in Canada!

WAVE: Where can we download the app?

LUIZ: Flöckbud is free and available in both Android and iOS stores. The links can also be accessed through our page