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Brazilian creates fashion in Canada.

Many Canadian fashion magazine editorials, TV commercials and even famous singers’ video clips have something in common: the talent and good taste of a young Brazilian settled in Toronto who knows everything about fashion.

By Alessandra Emília


Juliana Schiavinatto is a Brazilian from the state of São Paulo who, until 12 years ago, was an adolescent like many others in Sorocaba, a 500,000 people city in the countryside of the state. But she has been living a much more interesting and busier life these days in Toronto because she is a backstage star in the fashion industry. And it was between photo shoots that she found a minute to talk with Brazilian Wave about her successful career path.

She started by telling us that she learned English very easily and quickly as soon as she arrived in Canada, at 16. For her, the most difficult part of the immigration process was, in fact, leaving friends behind. The drastic address change took place when her father, Edson Schiavinatto – who now works as a freelancer in the graphic design field in Toronto – decided to leave behind his tiring job as an owner of a clothing store chain and, at the same time, put a final stop to the no less frustrating experience of having his house burgled four times in the same year.

Once settled on Canadian soil, the Brazilian achieved a degree in business management, but kept alive her passion for the fashion world. A big fan of fashion magazines, Juliana Schiavinatto says that she discovered her talent when still a kid, while helping her father at his clothes shop in Brazil. Five years ago, she quit her job at an hotel in Toronto to dedicate her life exclusively to her passion. All the better for the fashion world. Acting as a Fashion Wardrobe Stylist, Juliana is making the board in magazine editorials, TV commercials and even video clips, and explains her success with a pinch of poetry when defining her work style: “I paint portraits with clothes”.

Brazilian strokes

Juliana thinks that her inspiration does not come from Brazil, but accepts that, unconsciously, she bears within herself a certain amount of tropical influence. “I do not do the sexy style, but I feel that we, South Americans, have a greater consciousness of our bodies and of how to use our sensuality. More than the European or the Canadian”, she says, defining her greatest influence, the Londoner, celebrated stylist and fashion editor Katie Grand, the woman responsible for marketing brands like Louis Vuitton, Miu Miu, Giorgio Armani and Prada. But Juliana maintains that what she really follows in her work is her own intuition, and that she is still discovering and “tuning up” her style as time goes by, gathering experience with each piece of work.

Juliana has many plans for the future, but nothing too settled yet. She says she would like to live in Brazil for some time and experiment with the market over there. Or maybe go back to London, where she has lived and worked for a year. But the talented Brazilian also cherishes the idea of just staying here and giving her dedication not only to her work as a stylist, but, maybe, to have a boutique, her own business. As she says, “this is a market that gives us the possibility of having a number of things happening together”. And judging from what she has already added to her resumé in her five-year career, it turns out that this is really possible.

You will have surely already seen Juliana Schiavinatto’s talent in action. To give recent examples, she has designed the wardrobe for several marketing campaigns for the beauty product brand MAC, Dove’s beauty line, as well as music videos of successful singers –including the Canadian Bryan Adams.

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