Thainá Lopez talks about her new song: “Let Me Talk To You About Love”

Through the introduction of her cousin, Denis Denarde, who holds the red paper heart in the video clip, I had the great pleasure, honour and blessing to speak with the talented Brazilian singer, songwriter and journalist, Thainá Lopez.

The lyrics of this song are mesmerizing and stick to the listener’s mind like a Coca-Cola commercial jingle, the more you hear it, the more you want a cold drink. The more you listen to the lyrics of Thainá’s song, entitled “Let Me Talk To You About Love”, we yearn for love and realize the importance of this in our lives and survival.

I spoke to Thainá, and her gentle, loving nature, humility and genuine spirit left footprints in my heart. The genuine and divine love and affection that she described for all of humanity and specifically for her wife Ana, are breathtaking. This must be genetic, as Denis has a similar effect on the lives of everyone he touches. The joy of life, the words of love and the gentle gestures are very healing and reminded me of the legacy left by St. Francis of Assisi.

I asked Thainá, what inspired and motivated her to write this song, and she responded, “The song emerged from the realistic vision which I encountered during evening performances. I people watched, whilst singing and observed that although the bar was full and people set at the same table, conversing with each other, they remained disconnected. Signs that they were not practicing mindfulness, was evident as their eyes were affixed to their cell phones, and they rushed eating their meals versus enjoying the quality of time spent with family or friends. My perception was that to connect, we must disconnect. I realized that in my own life, the pace had accelerated to a degree, that affected the pleasure in experiencing a more simplistic quality of life. The day after this show, I arrived home to find my wife still awaken.

Unexpectedly, as I do with my compositions, I began to sing the chorus “let me tell you about love”.

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I felt compelled to talk about love, amidst observing a conflicting and restless world. The song was ready within five minutes. We were hit with the pandemic, a few months shortly after the composition. A project was already in the plans for a different song, however when I took “Let me tell you about love” from my music archives, I realized that the lyrics prophesied the emotions we experience in the present time. Despite all our losses, love is intact. Quarantine forced me to slow down my pace and rewarded me with extra time to create amazing songs. As I said earlier, “Let me tell you about love” was composed prior to the quarantine, as a premonition of what we would live. Now in July, I also released a new song and an authorial clip entitled “ô ANA” that will stick to a listener’s mind, similarity as “Let me tell you about love”. As an independent artist I depend on my own resources to release more innovating and produce good music to embrace, saturate our spirits and heal the world.

Love is universal and to be embraced and celebrated in every form! The videoclip illustrates that the symbology, the gestures, and the connections created by love are the same anywhere in the world. In partnership with sonorus productions, my production company, created a way of bringing people from different parts of the world (many from Espírito Santo in Brazil) together to talk about platonic, romantic, familial, and unconditional love.

The participation of people from France, Spain, England, Colombia, Brazil, Canada, and other parts of the world is an illustration the universalization of this emotion.

It is human nature to have affinity and bond with people that love and support us genuinely and unconditionally. Love is the essence of everything. Today, more than ever, it is necessary to talk about love. These months of confinement have provided people with the opportunity to become self tolerant, start new relationships, end unhealthy ones, to surrender, rebuild trust, faith, and hope in our Creator. In a high technological world, as humans we have been functioning robotically; numbing our feeling and emotions. This is the perfect time to travel internally and rediscover how relationships were formed, and how to maintain and sustain it. Love never dies, it can become stagnant, dormant, but it can be rekindled, revived and eternal.

The intention behind the song, “Let me tell you about love”, was to reach the international audience to talk about love.

In the beginning of the pandemic, I experienced a sense of sadness, fear, and doubt. I was depressed for a few days.

As a member of the LTBGQ Community, I use musical expression, and plan projects to encourage the freedom for people to express their authentic self and connect with their identity. The world needs more love, sensitivity, acceptance, awareness, consciousness, respect, understanding and enlightenment. My message has always been about love and freedom.”

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Denis Denarde. (Photo by Marcela Sampaio)

“I consider Canada to be a multinational country and with that, we have a very valuable cultural mix in mind. The presence of Brazilian music and other nationalities composes this mixed scenario, bringing not only warmth to the foreigners who live here, but also adding a lot to the local culture. I am privileged to be part of the life of this young and talented singer, my cousin Thainá Lopez, and I am very happy to know that the world is getting to know her work. Thainá is a mixture of humility, talent, work, and perseverance and deserves to show everyone her passion for music.” Denis Denarde.