Toronto – Mary’s Brigadeiro opens its first store

By Maya Gasparoto

Mary’s Brigadeiro opens its first store in Toronto.

Mary’s Brigadeiro, the Brazilian gourmet brigadeiros brand, opened its physical store in Toronto in August. Brigadeiros can also be purchased from the online store and from Saks Food Hall by Pusateri’s.

Mariane Oliveira, the creator of the brand, said that among other factors, the site was chosen based on the available structure. “From the outset, the purpose was to open the production to the public. We have set up a structure where consumers can watch daily production and buy gifts.”

The traditional Brazilian sweet has undergone some adaptations to suit the North American palate. “I studied the structure of chocolate. I came to understand what condensed milk was and thought about a real butter and a better cocoa. Studying all these ingredients, I decided to remove Nescau in order to make the brigadeiro less sweet. “The result is a more sophisticated brigadeiro. In addition, Oliveira said that her brigadeiros have ingredients from the local market, such as maple syrup and lavender.

Chocolate Creation Lab

The idea of the Chocolate Creation Lab came after Oliveira visited the Chocolate Academy of the chocolate company Callebaut.

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The open and assisted production is the great differential of the physical store. In addition to brigadeiros, the public can also buy differentiated products on specific days. On the opening days, there were cookies stuffed with brigadeiro and brigadeiro pie.
Another novelty is the interactive whiteboard where customers can suggest flavours.

For more information, visit The retail store address is 1912 Danforth Ave., Toronto, ON, M4C 1J4.