VSH offers consultant services for those who want to move to Canada

Downtown Vancouver.

The Brazilian education market abroad grew 21% and reached the mark of 360 thousand students in 2018. With an average of US $ 9 thousand per student, the sector moved more than 3 billion dollars in the last 12 months. Language courses remain the most used program by Brazilians. With regard to the most popular destinations, Canada has maintained its leadership for four years. One in four students considers Canada the best country to study abroad.

Regarding immigration, the number of Brazilians who chose Canada to live practically doubled in the last year. The country has been an alternative for the Brazilian who seeks to emigrate, especially after the election of the current American president. In the past six years, almost 600,000 Brazilians have applied for temporary residence in Canada. And the number tends to grow after the release of the bold Canadian immigration plan. The country plans to receive one million immigrants by 2020.

One of the main problems for Brazilian immigrants, in addition to employment and choosing a good language school, is the challenge of housing. Thus, the decision to study or live with the family in Canada must be preceded by a very accurate planning and carried out by those who know the country and its particularities. In the cities most sought after by Brazilians – such as Toronto and Vancouver – specialized companies appear to meet this growing demand.

This is the case of a company founded in 2016 by a group of Brazilians, VSH. With offices in both cities, it offers the full range of consultancy needed for those who want to move to Canada and have no problems during or after. Under the command of the Brazilian Diego Gomes, a trained team’s mission is to provide a differentiated service with a high quality standard. Its potential clients are Brazilians who come to Canada to study, work or those with permanent residence of one year or more.

With the partnership of important bodies and companies, such as e-Visa Immigration Services, Square One Insurance, TransferMate, Well Come and others, VSH guarantees to the client a complete range for its moving project. Using all the most modern technology, including videoconferences, the company promises to combine a lot of professionalism with a personal relationship of respect and dedication to the history of each of its customers.

The services offered by VSH range from preparing a plan with cost estimates and schedules to choosing the best space for your home. According to material released by the company, the entire process will be accompanied by the team, including help in opening a bank account, obtaining official documents, and even a complete guide for the chosen neighborhood or region. Company information, request by email: [email protected]