Brazil Volleyball in Toronto

The Brazilian men’s volleyball team was in Toronto for three games in the World Volleyball League. To the disappointment of Brazilian fans present, the team’s performance was not the best, including losses to Poland (2 – 3) and Canada (2 – 3).

The performance of the team does not mean it’s the end of the line for Brazil in the World League though. This round in Toronto was just the first of four that will happen, with the next taking place in June in Poland (Katowice, June 1-3), Brazil (São Bernardo do Campo , June 8-10) and Finland (Tampere, June 15-17).

Whatever the outcome on the court, it was the public that won by getting to watch the exciting match-ups that occurred during the long weekend.

Wave Plus was present for all the matches of Brazil in Toronto and we have great photos for you.