Brazilian “Airplane Mode” is Netflix’s largest non-English film audience


The feature film starring Larissa Manoela breaks a record in several countries.

By Alethéa Mantovani – @aletheamantovani

It was not only in Brazil that the feature film “Airplane Mode”(Mode Avião), Netflix’s newest bet, reached high ratings. In the United States, Mexico, France, and Germany, the film reached the highest numbers of the streaming platform, to the delight of the protagonist Larissa Manoela.

The new film has expressive numbers and according to Netflix, during the first four weeks of screening, it was present in 28 million homes in different parts of the world.

Larissa Manoela portrays the main character Ana, a digital influencer who lives “stuck” to the cell phone and publishes everything on social networks, that is, all the daily events of her life.

The story begins to unfold when Ana’s parents forbid her to use her cell phone and send the young woman to the countryside to live for a while with her grandfather, played by Erasmo Carlos. The house where she will live, however, has no Wi-Fi signal and this forces the protagonist to live for real.

In addition to the countries where “Airplane Mode” was the most viewed, Canada also added a large number of viewers and was, together with New York (USA), the setting for a new production starring Larissa, the film “Diary of Interchange.”

Now in March, the actress also started filming her second feature film with Netflix, whose name will be “Lulli.” The launch is scheduled for 2021.

The protagonist

Larissa Manoela, who for many years was under exclusive contract with SBT Network which is run by legendary Silvio Santos, is currently focusing her career on an international level. However, in 2019, she signed a contract with TV Globo – a broadcaster that had been chasing after her to sign with them for a long time – and will be the protagonist of the soap opera, “Além da Ilusão”, which is scheduled to premiere in September.

And for those who think that the young actress will focus her efforts only on “all” these works, you are wrong! She also intends to dedicate part of her time to her musical career. According to Larissa, there will soon be a concert tour, a new clip, and a lot of new music.