Brazilian Golf Courses

18 swings toward tourism and adventure.

By Flávia Berredo de Menezes

Very soon, Brazil which is already known and enjoyed for its cultural diversity and leisure options will become known as one of the preferred destinations for golfers around the world. For the first time in over 100 years, golf, the sport played by over 60 million men and women all over the world, , will become an Olympic sport again in the Rio de Janeiro 2016 Olympics.

The objective of golf on a golf course, consists of teeing off, where you take your first swing, and have the ball enter the hole with the least amount of swings, with holes positioned in different locations. The game normally has 18 holes, with some tournaments lasting up to four days, where the winner is the one with the least amount of swings.

Of the 60 million players worldwide, Brazil has approximately 25,000 players, of which 80% are men. Of these, 10,000 are handicap players, which means the points used to measure the skill of each player, is subtracted from the total number of swings. These scores are used to even out players from different levels. A beginner receives a handicap 40, while a professional gets a handicap zero – and all can play golf on one of the115 golf courses that exist in the country.

According to the Federação Paulista de Golfe, São Paulo represents 53% of all clubs in Brazil, with 46 member clubs and around 5,000 golfers with a handicap, and they have 17 tournaments.

For those who are interested, the portal Confederação Brasileira de Golfe ( facilitating golf tourism by showcasing the many tournaments at every level throughout the whole country, offers an array of information for the golfer planning on playing in Brazil,

Besides this, Embratur (Instituto Brasileiro de Turismo), in partnership with Google, launched a Brazilian channel on YouTube to advertize things not just related to tourism in the country, but also the sport of golf. The site has been online since March of last year, and Canadian golfers who intend to come to this tropical country can use this tool to get to know these enriching activities that go beyond the golf course. Upon accessing the page, the tourist must respond to four questions having to do with: expected month of travel to Brazil, the amount of days they will spend there, whom they will stay with, and the nature of their interest (shopping, leisure, sports, beach, nature or culture). From there, the tool gives the person a list of destinations and attractions. For Canadians who think of leaving the cold to enjoy the tropical paradise of Brazil, this is an enchantment!