Community – Brazilian Solidarity

O espírito solidário brasileiro.
The Brazilian solidarity

The Brazilian community, in general, is not well known for being a supportive community abroad. The negative aspects are always in evidence and even Brazilians themselves (some of them) do not mind sharing and reinforcing some bad examples

This generalization is unfair and Rachel was witness to this when she decided to immigrate to Toronto with her family in search of better opportunities. She even brought her pet dog and having left Rio Grande do Norte in the northeastern summer, she almost gave up on the whole idea when she arrived at Pearson Airport.

They landed on precisely the coldest day of the last 12 years. After overcoming this first trauma, the family began restructuring their new life. They rented a house through the internet, and now it was time to furnish the place. The money saved for years for the move didn’t seem to be enough.

Since everything was so expensive, a friend recommended the following: put out a request for donations in the Brazilian Facebook groups. And that she did. Raquel asked for help with furnishing the house to be able to keep some of the money they had saved with so much sacrifice for other expenses until things were straightened out.

There was a flood of solidarity! Furniture, cutlery, mattresses, appliances, a TV, and even new clothes! In the end, they did not have to buy anything! It was all for free, donated by people who neither she nor her friends who received them here, even knew! The only thing they had in common: Brazilian nationality. Since then, both in the social networks and whenever she has the opportunity, Raquel is an active defender of the spirit of solidarity of Brazilians also in communities outside Brazil.