Connected and interactive, a new “Canada Day”

Em colaboração com parceiros, o Governo do Canadá preparou atividades interativas, criativas e educacionais para toda a família. Divirta-se explorando cada pacote de atividades e compartilhe sua experiência usando a hashtag #CanadaDay.

Oh Canada! We are going to celebrate Canada Day in a different way this year. We will meet virtually and share our pride in being Canadian. Like and share using the hashtag #CanadaDay.

In presenting the schedule for Canada Day celebrations, Canadian Heritage Minister Steven Guilbeault stated: “We decided to celebrate the date differently this year, in a way that we can come together virtually to share our pride in being Canadian” . By decision of the federal government, and in accordance with the rules imposed by social isolation, all activities scheduled to celebrate Canada Day will be carried out online.

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As happens annually, Canada celebrates, on the 1st of July, the promulgation of the Constitutional Act that, in 1867, unified the colonies in a single country within the British Empire. From 1982, the date officially became Canada Day. But Minister Steven Guilbeault also recalled that this year, the country also celebrates other events in its history, such as the 40th anniversary of the adoption of the Canadian national anthem and the 150th anniversary of the integration of the Métis Nation into the Confederation.

Throughout the country, numerous celebrations will highlight the cultural diversity, artistic excellence, indigenous languages ​​and cultures and the spirit of innovation in the Canadian nation. All activities can be accessed by the population, regardless of where they are. The initiatives of Canadian embassies and consulates abroad can also be accessed through the Canada Day website.

To make your choices easier, a virtual celebration kit with interactive, creative and educational events is now available so that the entire Canadian family can better enjoy the great online party. Check out the Canada Day website and share your experience on #CanadaDay. Also watch an interesting selection of videos with the most diverse themes: cooking, sporting challenge, Canada’s hidden treasures, Canadian ingenuity and let’s celebrate together.

In addition to the activities to be carried out in all Canadian cities and provinces, two megashows are scheduled for the 1st of July, one day and the other night. They will be available on CBC and Canadian Heritage social media platforms.

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The first will be held from 1 pm to 2 pm (starts at 2 pm Atlantic time), with hosts Serena Ryder and Pierre-Yves Lord. In addition to the participation of numerous artists from Sudbury, Montreal, Quebec, Moncton, Winnipeg, Yellowknife and Calgary, articles on cultural diversity, sports excellence, culture and indigenous languages ​​will be shown, as well as a tribute to the workers who are now in the line facing. And the promise of many other surprises.

In the evening, from 8 pm to 10 pm (9 pm Atlantic time), it will be the turn of “Canada Day Together”, an exclusive show with artists from coast to coast in Canada, including stops in Halifax, Toronto and Vancouver. To finish off Canada Day festivities with a flourish, the night ends with an assembly of the best fireworks performed in recent years.

 In collaboration with partners, the Government of Canada has prepared interactive, creative and educational activities for the whole family. Have fun exploring each activity package and share your experience using the hashtag #CanadaDay.