Daniel. The Brazilian singer tells how the “new normal” is living

Read the interview that the singer gave to Brazilian Wave Canada, where he talks about the “new normal”, about his desire to live abroad with his family, about the experience he had of singing with the Canadian boys “The Melisizwe Brothers ”In Brazil and more.

Daniel. (Photo: production)

The coronavirus took everyone by surprise and established a “new normal” for the unknown and celebrities, alike. And it was no different for singer Daniel, 52 years old.

Accustomed to the hustle and bustle of everyday life, Daniel says that at the beginning the pandemic brought some changes to his routine and that of his family, but it also allowed him more time to enjoy the company of his wife Aline de Pádua, 39, with whom he is married for ten years, and to be close to daughters Lara, 10 years old and Luiza, 9 years old.

The singer’s family, always very close, now share there moments differently. Daniel says that he only sees his parents and in-laws from a distance, as he believes that this is essential to ensure the health of everyone. But he affirms that it is very difficult not experiencing the hugs and affection of family members.

The singer also says that this period is a time for reflection, a time for him to evolve and become a better human being. He also believes that people will be changed at the end of this experience.

Professionally, Daniel now has a virtual audience which in many ways brings him closer to his viewers. It also allows him to help the neediest through collections and donations. According to the singer, this new way of interacting with fans should continue after the pandemic, that is, when everything returns to normal.

Check out the interview that the singer gave to Brazilian Wave Canada, where he talks about the “new normal”, about his desire to live abroad with his family, about the experience he had to sing with the Canadian boys “The Melisizwe Brothers ”in Brazil and more.

Daniel – Photo by: Vandinho Tellis

1-Brazilian Wave – How are you facing this “new normal” that arose due to the pandemic caused by the coronavirus? How has this new reality changed your life?

Daniel – I have been staying at home with my wife and my daughters, and this has been very good. We do activities together, exercise, watch movies, listen to music and share many moments. I am happy to have this opportunity. Sometimes, with the daily rush, we ended up not meeting as much as we would like, but now we are enjoying it a lot. At first it was more delicate, there was an adaptation of the school routines of all or our routines, which I think is natural, but it is very good to have this time with them. I have been thinking a lot, it is necessary to evolve, to be better in some way after all this is over.

2- Brazilian Wave – How is your work routine during this period? Are program recordings still suspended?

Daniel – I have made some live virtual recordings.. Technology has provided us with this way of killing some of my audience’s homesickness, of bringing joy and hope to those in need. The cool thing is that, in this very difficult moment, we took the opportunity of hosting live broadcasts to help those in need with collections and donations. I believe that if we have a gift and can help, we should use it in the best possible way. We are always taking all the precautions recommended by the health agencies. I did very few face-to-face recordings, and there were occasional interviews taking advantage of the time and commuting. I have avoided physical encounters a lot and, the ones I did, were only for very specific and important commitments.

3- Brazilian Wave Your family is very close, both you, your wife and daughters are always with your parents. Were you apart during that period? How is this phase going for everyone?

Daniel – Thank God we are very united. Aline, I and the girls were, and still are, very careful with my parents and in-laws. Due to the recommendations, we are maintaining a distance for love and to guarantee the health of all. One of my brothers requires more special care and this also makes us even more cautious. We live close by and I see them, whenever possible, from afar. The longing for the hug and the affection are very difficult to deal with. I believe that this is one of the great challenges proposed: the distance from those we love, the lack of physical proximity. But it is fundamental to think that this is for a greater good and that we must do our part, hoping that it will be possible to find them very close again soon.

4- Brazilian Wave -Do you think that this time of seclusion is serving to bring reflection to people and make them rethink concepts and attitudes, and become better people?

Daniel – I believe that this time is bringing many deep reflections, without a doubt, because I cannot think that people will not undergo changes. I want to believe that everyone will enjoy this moment and everything they are going through to evolve and be better people in the future. We should take this time to reflect and to be our best versions. I do not remember having had anything similar in my life and my daughters, who are still very young, are living it now. The whole world is feeling it together. So, I can only believe in the change, in the resumption of some feelings and values ​​that may have stayed in the way, such as more tolerance, more empathy and more humanity.

5- Brazilian Wave – You are making some live virtual appearances during this period when we are isolated. What did you think of this experience? Do you think this type of communication with the public is here to stay?

Daniel – I think technology has provided us with a lot of good things, because we managed to get a little closer, even if virtually, to those who are physically far away. And this is wonderful! Live virtual events are a very good alternative, because I can bring joy and hope to the audience through music. So, I really feel like an instrument in that sense, I have that privilege. It is difficult to predict how it will be, but I believe that it must continue, as it is an exchange with the public and this link must always be strengthened.

6- Brazilian Wave -You had an excellent participation in the program “The Voice Brasil”, in which the public very much liked to see you as a judge during the first three editions. Would you like to present another program with a similar format, or even a program of another style? Have invitations come up?

Daniel – I loved participating in the project, because it added a lot to my life, brought me very special memories and an incredible experience. It was from it that I had the idea to carry out the 30- year career project, which is the DVD 30 years. It is a musical format that tells the story of my life as a whole. In the future I intend to do something to that effect. I have received some invitations to present the program, but nothing is concrete yet. This possibility is not ruled out for, who knows, I can make a program broadcast from my own city. With all these uncertainties that we are experiencing, we cannot predict tomorrow, but anything can happen. In our current state, the virtual issue is even more present in everyone’s life. So, why not, right? Since I like it so much and I am fascinated so much by this universe. In my city there is Cine São José, which I redesigned, and it is a place that I always wanted to hold music festivals again. It was something that happened a lot in the past, and I started at festivals. Who knows, the opportunity arises to have a festival in a virtual way, but to become a program?

7- Brazilian Wave – You have been married for ten years to ballerina Aline de Pádua, with whom you have two daughters, Lara and Luiza. Your daughters have been showing great talent for music. Do you believe that they should pursue a musical career? Would you like them to have their profession?

Daniel – I believe that every desire of a father and a mother is for the children to be happy and mine is no different. I want their fulfillment in the profession they choose, in life. But they do demonstrate a lot of artistic aptitude. They are expressive, they like many things, they introduce me to many musical news, they sing with me on some occasions. If they want to go to the music segment, I will support and give support whenever they ask and need it. Regardless of whether they are singers or not, I want music to be part of their lives, because music is magical, it is healing, it is transformative, and it is good for the soul and the heart.

8- Brazilian Wave – What are your impressions about Canada? Have you ever visited the North American country? Which Canadian artists do you know and admire?

Daniel – Unfortunately I haven’t had the opportunity to visit Canada yet, but I would love to. I have great impressions of the country, as I have friends who live there. I have a close friend who works in Toronto and is often here in Brazil. I also had the honor of meeting three fantastic Canadian boys, The Melisizwe Brothers, when I was in Orlando, and they became close people to me. I communicate with them whenever possible. I have other influences like Michael Bublé and Shania Twain. Celine Dion, who is a true teacher, is a mirror for me for the story, for the musical quality and for having a very strong connection with me through a song that I rewrote with the late João Paulo, “To Love You More ”, Which is the version of“ Te Amo Cada Vez Mais Mais ”. This song marked me a lot and it was the last project that João Paulo and I worked together before the death of my dear and longtime friend.

9 – Brazilian Wave- Have you thought about living abroad with your family? If so, in which country? Would you live in Canada?

Daniel – We do plan to spend time outside even for the girls, so that it is possible to improve their English, as we think that this is the exact moment in their life for this. However, there is nothing concrete yet, but we think about living in the United States, for example. We would live in Canada too, without a doubt. Other countries that we have strong ties due to kinship are Spain, by the family of Aline, because the mother is Spanish, was born in Madrid, so we love it! My maternal grandmother came from Portugal, from Praia de Mira, and there would also be a great option. Any and every transition is difficult in people’s lives. It it is a great learning experience, including the one we are experiencing.

10 – Brazilian Wave – Two years ago you released a version of the song “Heal the World” – which is a Michael Jackson composition – with the Canadian brothers The Melisizwe Brothers – Zacary, Marc and Seth. You met the boys in Orlando during one of the editions of the Florida Cup, and after that, they never lost touch again. How was this experience of singing with Canadian boys in Brazil, during the Festival of the Patron Saint? Did you become friends?

Daniel – They were already in Brazil at our invitation to record this song, Heal the World, in studio, in São Paulo. The next day we sang together in Aparecida, in a recording that turned into a DVD, which is available on digital platforms and was a tribute to Nossa Senhora Aparecida. They became my friends and we spoke via WhatsApp. Recently, I was watching and cheering for them on a reality show that they participated in. They are part of my history and we want to make some presentations in Brazil. Who knows if this will happen soon? They are fantastic, wonderful, an amazing family!

11- Brazilian Wave – What has been repercussion of your new song “You will not find me”? In what ways is it different to release songs during the pandemic?

Daniel – The repercussions are wonderful! The song “You Won’t Find Me” was recorded at the East West Recording Studio in Los Angeles. It is a composition by Claudia Brant and Luis Fonsi, with version by Ronaldo Bastos and Leonel Pereda. It gained streaming platforms and radios from March of this year. Now, recently, we released the clip, which was directed by Fernanda Bellucci and the magnificent setting is at Villa Due SS winery, in the city of Casole d’Elsa, in the province of Siena, in Tuscany, Italy. In fact, this clip follows a series of news that I’ve been releasing. I have three other new songs: Casava De Novo, Além da Vida and Tudo na Vida Passa. In addition, the three volumes of the Meu Reino Encantado project, made with great care and launched in the years 2000, 2003 and 2005, also won digital platforms. In addition, I keep recording in partnerships and projects that are truly present in my life, such as the tour that I will do with Roupas Nova, in 2021, and that was confirmed in the city of São Paulo. on April 9 and 10, at Espaço das Américas; also in Pinhais, Paraná, on April 24, at Expotrade; and in the city of Rio de Janeiro, on October 23, at Jeunesse Arena.

12- Brazilian Wave – What are your projects for the second half of 2020 and for the next year?

Daniel – A project that is in progress (and we had to take a break, due to the pandemic), is the recording of a DVD that I will make with special participation of various artists and friends, with the repertoire of João Paulo & Daniel. It is a wish that I have carried with me for years and that I will soon be able to fulfill. It is being prepared with great affection and care to honor my dear and longtime friend João Paulo.

Daniel – Photo by: Vandinho Tellis